Pacific Biosciences Of California(NASDAQ:PACB) Rallies By 19.5%


Dallas, Texas 01/22/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Pacific Biosciences of California(NASDAQ:PACB) it appeared, was independent of the market environment around it. In a surprise slow moving trading week, the company registered 19.5% rally though there were no immediate news which could trigger such a strong rally from the genetic Analysis major.

Pacific Biosciences of California(NASDAQ:PACB) may like the other genetic sequencing stocks like Illumina may be experiencing the upside in the sector. Moreover, Illumina had news to share. The company’s HiSeq X Ten, which is able to sequence over 18,000 and more human genomes will offer these at $1,000 genomes in a day.

Pacific Biosciences of California(NASDAQ:PACB) and other genetic analysis sector are expected to move the industry such that the availability of these solutions would help in bring down the costs of using these techniques. The main area of use is expected to be in the region where treatments can be further customized on a per patient basis.

Pacific Biosciences of California(NASDAQ:PACB) thus sees much upside in the already crowded industry. As company’s innovate and new standards are set, much of the sequencing and analysis could become less expensive, faster and quicker to adopt. When this happens, the increase in the number of users for the technology would automatically help in bringing down the costs of this service, which largely remains confined to the developed countries.

Pacific Biosciences of California(NASDAQ:PACB), the US based biotechnology major offers niche products in the DNA sequencing vertical. The company has developed a method for single-molecule Deoxyribonucleic Acid sequencing with design and developed support coming in from the research groups at Harold Craighead as well as Watt Webb at Cornell University. The company uses the SMRT or the Single Molecule Real Time technology combination to offer better performance opportunities. The result is that the approach to use the single DNA Polymerase is the continuous processing adopted to synthesize DNA.


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