AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACRX) Upcoming FDA Review


A report released by Traders News Source with no obligation on AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACRX), a specialty pharmaceutical firm engaged in the commercialization and development of therapies for the cure of acute pain, highlighted that the firm’s product pipeline constitutes of sublingual treatments for use in medically supervised landscape.

The highlights

Dsuvia is AcelRx’s main investigational product candidate comprising of a 30 mcg sufentanil sublingual tablet administered via a disposable, pre-filled, once given applicator. The main use is the management of acute pain in distinct medically supervised settings, including emergency drug, outpatient surgery, military fight and non-surgical patients witnessing pain in the hospital. Dsuvia’s delivery system avoids numerous complications related with oral and intravenous dosing.

The company projects that there are 92 million people treated in medically administered settings with pain that is immense enough to warrant the application of an opioid. Most of these are linked to emergency services (emergency and pre-emergency department treatment) and numerous outpatient surgeries and hospital procedures.

Due to the underway opioid addiction problem in the U.S., many consider that the FDA is unlikely to permit a synthetic opioid that is stated by the firm as five to ten times stronger as compared to fentanyl. The prevailing opioid crisis is mainly linked to the abuse of prescription medicines, while Dsuvia will be used only in supervised medical settings.

AcelRx is a specialty pharmaceutical entity engaged in the commercialization and development of therapies targeting acute pain. Specifically, the firm’s product offerings consist of sublingual therapies for application in medically controlled settings. The primary ingredient for the firm’s existing product candidates is sufentanil, which is an opioid analgesic presently marketed for intravenous as well epidural anesthesia and analgesia. The firm’s lead product candidates comprise Dsuvia, also termed as ARX-04 outside of the U.S. and Zalviso, which has been permitted for use in the European Union.