Alimera Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:ALIM) No Longer Sees Issue With FDA


Dallas, Texas 01/23/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Alimera Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:ALIM) offers a wide-spectrum of ophthalmology pharma products which are known to offer immediate and higher quality services in difference to other therapies and treatments. The US based company has believed in offering well researched pharm products which are developed using proprietary techniques. The company currently trades at $7.25 per share and has seen a 52 week high of $8.44 and 52 week low of $1.65. The EPS remains at -1.16 and has a market cap of $229.18m and volume of 575.870.

Alimera Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:ALIM) offers one of the better known eye treatments called as Iluvien. The company has in the first week of January announced that it now offers this drug to UK through its National Health Service. The company has since announced that the first patient has already received the first implant for treating conditions as DME in January.

Alimera Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:ALIM) was allowed to provide Iluvien by UKs health regulator NICE which states specifically that such patients who have a pseudophakic eye would now be able to use Illuvien when it is found that they repeatedly suffer from DME. Besides NICE has also indicated that such patients are today not as responsive to the other known therapies. The company had last held talks with FDA regarding the labelling of Illuvien.

DEC FDA labelling discussions

Alimera Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:ALIM) will now not be required to participate in the January Ad Com and will instead focus  on drafting appropriate response to CRL queries. The company is expected to finish with the submission in the first quarter of 2014 itself. The main issue which CRL has raised is about the ‘safety measures’ at the manufacturing facility.

However, the main reason for Alimera Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:ALIM)  happiness is that FDA has indicated that it no longer requires to see new clinical trials iwht the use of Illuvien before it is approved