Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Backs Multiple Monetization Avenues, Announces App Streaming & FB Indexing To Lure Customers

  1. Users can now search for Public Facebook info on their mobile devices using Google.
  2. To eliminate the need to download all the apps, Google will now provide streamed app experience.
  3. Reiterates on its outperform rating once again.

Ever since the Google announced itself to restructure into Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), it’s been making highlights in one way or another. The first highlight was when India-born Sundar Pichai was named as the new CEO of Google. It’s been raining updates since his appointment.

The primary idea behind the reconstruction of Google into Alphabet was to delegate the authorities to different people in such a way that multiple revenue generation avenues could be created. With its latest announcement, Alphabet has taken the first major step in this direction.

Streaming Multiple Apps In Google Cloud

Until now users had to download all the apps into their smartphone devices to use them, which consumed not only a lot of unnecessary data, but also the internal storage memory of the devices. To get rid of this issue and lure more users to using Google mobile app, the company has announced the streaming of applications into Google Cloud. In simple words, users won’t need to install all the applications if they don’t have them in their mobiles. Once fully executed, the app streaming will allow users to use apps without downloading them.

Many would wonder that what’s the hidden treasure for Google in this change. At a time when many companies are going App-only, this step will help the e-commerce sites get more customers than ever without any substantial effort. At the same time, Google would be able to track users’ mobile behavior in a better manner and mold its advertising platform accordingly. It may look another ordinary step at once, but if given a thought one can notice that Google had unlocked a multi-million dollar idea here.

Availability of FB Posts on Google

Another major step taken by the internet giant is the deep linking of Facebook pages. In a recent partnership with Google, Facebook provided it with the access of the public information of profiles, events, business pages and profile pages. It means that all those users who have not upgraded the privacy settings of their FB accounts would now be visible on Google. Android users can search all such FB profiles using Google on their smartphones.

This is another step that will prove to be a win-win deal for both Google and Facebook in the long run. While Facebook will get more traffic on its public pages, Google will be able to better analyze users’ behavior, thereby will offer them products according to their social media behavior. All in all, it will enhance the overall offerings of Google and help it make them more personalized and organized.

Even though Google hasn’t accepted it publically, but all these steps are taken in the direction to create more than one monetized resources from where it can generate hefty revenues. It’s a known fact that the primary source of revenue for Google aka Alphabet is advertising. The more personalized it makes the user experience, the higher revenues will it generate. The deep linking with FB and app streaming are two major decisions in this direction, with many more yet to be made known to users in the future.

Reiterate Outperform Rating

Google has reiterated once again its market leading performance. In a recent statement, it said that with the help of world-class technology and seamless advertising solutions, it drove about 50% of online advertising lately. Its market leading position is expected to remain intact in the future as well with expected yearly growth between 15%-20% over the next 3-5 years.

Bottom Line

The recent restructuring of Google into Alphabet gave the former to focus more keenly on personalized advertising solutions. On the back of the recent decisions, the future of Google in advertising world looks safe and bright.

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