Android users can now use smartwatch application of Pebble


Android users will now be able to use one of the best applications and receive software updates all the time. Available now, android versions will offer a unique dashboard for the pebble watch. Users will first have to start by pairing their phone with the pebble watch using Bluetooth. This will only take a couple of seconds and is very easy to do so you have nothing to worry about if you aren’t technology savvy.

Android users will also be able to install watch faces that are customized onto their pebble application. This will enable them to receive notification whenever they are new updates available. Users will also be able to send an unlimited number of test texts to their watch, easily access informational guides, and contact the customer support of Pebble right from their phone.

Pebble is a unique smart watch application that costs around $150. However, users will definitely get more than they expect especially that they are paying all this money. Users can also sync their android phone with other smart phones they use to receive notifications of any incoming calls, appointments, or instant message. The display mainly uses high quality e-paper technology and this means that you will be able to see everything in sunlight. The best thing about this is that you can run and use other mobile applications as well.

Like any other innovative product, Pebble first began their campaign last money and ended up generating over $100,000 during the first month. Their profit reached $10 million during the last quarter and this exceeded what analysts predicted especially that the features of the application are already availablein other apps. Ever since the new announcement was made, representatives for Pebble have already stated that around 500 units have already been shipped. It is expected that the company will end up shipping 800 per day in a couple of weeks and that their profit will exceed the one of this year.

For now, customers who purchased the application during the first advertising campaign are the ones who will be able to get the products. Other customers will be able to pre-order it from the website and it will be shipped to them in a couple of weeks. The company mainly targets businessmen or individuals with busy schedules who need all their information and contacts in one place. This is definitely than having your information spread through several applications.