AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ) Trades Flat


Dallas, Texas 03/31/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ) is based in Toronto, Canada and is known for to be top-ranking gold and other precious metal mining company in the region. However, in the past couple of quarters the company has had it tough on the financial side, given the economic downturn, and the resultant gold prices fluctuations.

The end-result, AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ) has actively engaged in finding options to bolster the bottom-line and these including raising additional funds. Senior Notes Last week, AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ) has closed its recent offering of $315 million, which were introduced in the form of private secured senior notes, due by 2020.

AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ) it hopes will bolster it’s current cash and operations position with the increase in flow of investments through this instrument.

AuRico Gold Inc (NYSE:AUQ) has thus far been operating in the mining industry through a network of subsidies, achieving lowered operational costs. As this mining company holds assets across geographies and in regions which have high incidence of these precious metals, the form of subsidiary- based operations has definitely allowed the company some relief in the form of taxes and similar financial structures.

The current region of focus for AuRico Gold Inc, is the Young-Davidson region of Northern Ontario. It also has a presence in Mexico, in the state of Sonora and operates the El Chanate mines.

It has also been exploring regions further south into parts of Mexico and has ventured into territories of British Columbia as well.

Financial Overview at the stock market AuRico Godl Inc holds market capital of $1.10 billion and average trading volume of 2.40 million shares. The typical infra-day trading prices range between high of $4.50 and low of $4.22. The average 52-week trading prices indicate a high of $6.31 and a low of $3.33 per share. The outstanding shares are at 247.98 million shares and EPS is negative at 0.79.