BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) Caught In Corn Fuel Emissions


Dallas, Texas 04/23/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) –  BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) is now caught in unexpected queries on pollution caused by corn emissions. The query thus far has been on leftovers of corn – which are also called as corn stover- causing as much gasoline emissions as carbon. Apparently, the Intergovernmental Plan on Climate Change or IPCC, has reported that crops which are raised for fuel are prone to cause as much harm to regional ecosystems as are fuel emissions. The imbalances are caused in biodiversity as well as water supplies, the company revealed.

BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) under the scanner

Additionally, studies by leading Universities such as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have found that the emissions are much higher pollutants than carbon emissions itself.

BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) has reported that the crops raised for this fuel is likely to cause as much trouble as other enriched pollutants as well.

BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) has thus far offered no comments on the matter.

Analyst ratings

BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) in recent times has been witness to a range of action on the stock market, which has meant the company has been at the receiving end of analyst rating.

Recently, the company was recommend SELL, by lead analysts, resulting in the company hitting the panic button and dropping to well below $7.15, with the drop accounting to 7.38%.

BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) based out of Denver, Colorado, is one of the many companies engaged in the production as well as sale of ethanol and will also produce other post-stage products.

BioFuel Energy Corp.(NASDAQ:BIOF) has been rated a sell, because of the high debt-to-equity ratio of 3.98. It also noted drop in return on equity, where the ROE over the quarter to year ratio continues to persist, causing the high drops in value. Besides, the gross profit margin for the company is low, which is at 4.42%.