Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM) Sees Rise In Prices


Dallas, Texas 03/13/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Cameron International Corporation(NYSE:CAM) which operates in the oil, gas and process industry as a flow equipment  and systems provider is based out of Houston, Texas. The company also provides services in three separate segments – Drilling as well as Production Systems. The second segment is the Valves & Measurement segment, besides the Process & Compression Systems.

In the oil and gas wells segment, the company provides systems as well as equipment which will control pressures as well as the direct flows of oil as well as gas wells.

Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM) in its Valves and Measurements business segment offer higher control, for businesses involved in the measurement of oil and gas. These equipment are found to be useful for measuring the oil and gas flow, especially when moved from one wellhead to the next on flow lines. These are ideal for collecting lines and transmission systems for refineries as well as petrochemical plants. The industrial centers where processing is held; or the Process as well as Compression Systems which the company will now provide higher standards for the measurement for such needs.

Besides, the compression equipment as well as the aftermarket parts, besides the services to gain oil, gas as well as the process industries.

In recent months, the company has been acquiring other companies. As of 2013 end, the company had already acquired 75% interest in the company Douglas CheroSpA, a company earlier owned by Consilium SGR SpA.

Cameron International Corporation (NYSE:CAM) had a tough financial year in 2013. The company received a breather of sorts, only by the fourth quarter. The company had to struggle through in the previous three quarters missing on the estimates. This time around at the time of the fourth quarter results, the company has since reported- 21% year on year revenue rise and 18% increase over the previous quarter.