China Yida Holding, Co.(NASDAQ:CNYD) Diversified Entertainment


Dallas, Texas 01/17/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – China Yida Holding, Co.(NASDAQ:CNYD) is a China-based entertainment company with $22.70 million market cap company, which has a 52 week high of $14.98 and 52 week low of $2.23. EPS is -2.84. The offers wide range of boutique entertainment based services across the People’s Republic of china. Most of the services are delivered through a range of subsidiaries.

China Yida Holding, Co.(NASDAQ:CNYD) currently offers services through two major segments- Advertisement and Tourism. The company has an established itself as one of the lead domestic television channels and also offers a range of outdoor programs which are typically used as on-train programs. As an advertising segment it operates at multiple levels and handles the content as well. It is also known to sell airtime for advertisement revenues. The content that this segment deals with majority of the time is for the programming features for on-train section.

China Yida Holding, Co.(NASDAQ:CNYD) operates its tourism segment through the management and operations for its range of domestic tourist destinations. The programs are typically rich in content, showcasing the diversity of the nation. A very important aspect of the tourism content development is the cultural, historic as well as the nature’s bountiful landmarks of China. The company is also known to focus on theme parks dotting the nation and offers multiple, packaged tourism programs. These are essentially aimed at two levels of customers- at the national as well as international level.

China Yida Holding, Co.(NASDAQ:CNYD) creative programming content to market the latest tourism concepts are known to have popular following. It also created a subsidiary called the Fujian Yida Travel Service Co. Ltd, which is popular by its brand name-Yida Travel.

Since there are several regulatory limitations and vetting of all content that are used on all entertainment channels by the country’s administration, much of the program is limited to state-sponsored facts and figures.