Dynavax Technologies Corporation(NASDAQ:DVAX) Unsure Ahead


Dallas, Texas 01/17/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Dynavax Technologies Corporation(NASDAQ:DVAX)the US based drug manufacturer, dealing with clinical biopharma  products which are developed following extensive research and peer validation. The core products the company offers are related to inflammation-based products and have proved to be top-line infection treating products. On the stock market the company trades at $2.00 and has a market cap of 525,25 million and volume shaes 5,192,033. The EPS is currently at 00.41 and its annual trading levels are between High of $3.33 and low of $0.98.

Candidates in movement for Dynavax

The stock market is a reflection of the company’s product position. Through 2013, the product pipeline included only the Hepatitis B treatment product – Heplisav. Post Phase III studies, the company is now working on a request placed by the Food and Drug Administration for safety data. This is a very critical stage, in the drug approval process, considering that the products are clinical stage only.

Dynavax Technologies Corporation(NASDAQ:DVAX) also has candidates for other inflammation or lung and respiration-related diseases. Of these the candidates for asthma therapy is important from the industry point of view. It also has candidates on the list for autoimmunity and additional inflammation related diseases. In terms f numbers this is 5 candidates- Dyanvax for Hepatitis B – is the lead candidate and is already past the Phase III trial state.

Proprietary sequencing and Partnerships

Dynavax Technologies Corporation(NASDAQ:DVAX) has adopted a sequencing method, the company has developed and is currently a proprietary process. It involves the sequencing of ImmunoStimulatory sequences(ISS) as well as ImmunoRegulatory sequences(IRS). Further development of the drug is related to additional partnerships. The two of them, with which Dynavax Technologies Corporation(NASDAQ:DVAX) is currently working on are- GlaxoSmithKline(SK) and Astrazeneca(AZN). The key to these partnerships is the pre-payment available for further work processes. Besides,  the two subsidiaries that Dynavax operates – Rhein Biotech GmbH and Dynavax International B.V. in Netherlands are an asset to the company’s performance.