Financial Times and other experts report that auto manufacturers are forecasting a “Lithium Supercycle”


Investors are poised to make fortunes as auto execs warn global lithium deliveries must grow 17-times current production levels to meet pending world demand!

You could rake in huge profits in a coming rush to open North American lithium resources and beat the Chinese goal to dominate world supply lines.

Now is the time to move in!

Here’s why North America is about to become the next world leader                         in lithium mining… plus one new stock to consider immediately! 

A Special Report for Wealth-Seeking Investors:

Nothing in our lifetimes compares to this. The world faces what could become the biggest resource crisis in modern history. Lithium is the fuel that can power millions of new electric vehicles set to pour into global markets, yet current production is critically short of the soaring need for new lithium output.

When things get this serious, tremendous opportunity for profit emerges. That’s exactly where things stand today…and it’s unlike anything seen in the recent past!

We stand on the threshold of a global crisis that could trigger the biggest resource supercycle in recent times. The numbers are staggering. Industry insiders project that current lithium production must be ramped up as much as 17-times current production levels!

As will be explained later in this report…current producers cannot meet that need.

There’s only one sure way to even come close to that producing that much lithium…new resources must be brought online fast! And there’s one place in the world where that is likely to happen…and soon!

That place is western Canada. This report not only explains why and how it can happen…it gets you started with a recommendation for profiting from it.

First, some background information…

Start with the basics. Over the next decade, the number of electric vehicles being produced worldwide will skyrocket. In April this year, Forbes reported:

“The past year has been marked by a flurry of announcements from major auto makers about their plans for the EV [electric vehicle] market. Should these plans fructify, it represents a mouthwatering potential of 400 models and estimated global sales of 25 million by 2025.”[2]

They go on to report that:

  • 50% of Porsche vehicles are expected to be electric by 2023.
  • Jaguar/Land Rover plans to go all electric and hybrid by 2020.
  • General Motors, Toyota and Volvo target one million in EV sales by 2025.
  • Aston Martin expects being all electric and hybrid by 2030
  • BMW intends to offer 25 electrified vehicles, of which 12 will be fully electric.
  • Renault Nissan & Mitsubishi intend to offer 12 new EVs by 2022.

The fact is, every major automaker in the world is now fast-tracking design and production into electrified vehicles.

To get to that point…the world will need vastly more lithium than is being produced now.

But here’s the catch. There’s only four areas in the world today where lithium can be produced in large quantities. Two of those locations are largely controlled by the Chinese (who are moving aggressively to monopolize this industry) and the third is maxed out in its production capacity!

That leaves the fourth location…and in this report we’ll explain why western Canada stands at the threshold of becoming the most important new lithium resource on the planet.

To give you an idea of how big an investment opportunity this presents, this report features one company that stands to make its shareholders rich by exploiting Canada’s abundant hard rock lithium resources!

Here’s what is fueling this pending “Lithium Supercycle” and drive the biggest resource market since the discovery of oil.

  1. Within a decade, electric vehicles are projected to dominate new car production. Soon following, internal combustion engines will be outlawed to over half the world’s population! By 2040, internal combustion engines will be illegal in many parts of the world.
  2. Current world lithium supply lines cannot meet soaring demand projections. New sources must be brought into production fast. Without those new supplies, future EV automotive production growth would grind to a halt.
  3. China currently controls over 50% of global lithium resources…and they’re moving in fast for total domination. Their strategic plan is to monopolize all lithium supplies and control global markets.
  4. S. and European auto manufacturers cannot ignore this threat. They must lock in new lithium supplies or risk being held captive to Chinese rationing. There’s only one place on the planet where that can happen…and that’s where you should turn your attention for immediate action!

Unlocking untapped North American lithium resources is fast becoming a strategic necessity to both U.S. and western auto manufacturing.

You can be certain of this, lithium buyers will move fast to correct their exposure. In doing so, they will create for you what could become the biggest wealth-building opportunity you’ll see in your lifetime.

Let’s begin with this…
Electric vehicles are the future. Governments are requiring it. Consumers are demanding it. It’s already upon us and it cannot be stopped!

“Last month Swiss bank UBS became the latest to raise its forecast for penetration of electric vehicles by more than 50 percent. It now estimates EVs will hit 14 percent penetration globally by 2025 and 30 per cent in Europe as cost parity with conventional fuel vehicles is reached in the next few years.”[3]

Knowing this the question has to be asked (and answered!), where will all that new lithium come from to power all those vehicles?

Elon Musk recently stated that to meet his target for producing just 500,000 Tesla vehicles in one year…his company “would basically need to absorb the entire world’s [current] lithium ion production.”[4]

Supplies pouring out of Australia, South America and China cannot scale up to needed output. New lithium resources must be brought into production.

Throughout South America, legal hurdles and environmental challenges now pose serious bottlenecks against these major producers ramping up lithium output.

In Chile, home of the world’s largest lithium brine deposit, the government recently imposed tight controls on lithium production because there’s not enough water left in lithium-producing regions to lift the brine to surface! Lithium production is literally wiping out already strained aquifers![5]

Don’t expect Australia to pick up the need.

Australian hard rock lithium is rapidly being overtaken by Chinese interests. China’s Tianqi Lithium now owns a 51% stake in Australia’s Greenbushes mine,[6] which is currently the world’s largest lithium producer. As China tightens its stranglehold on lithium supply lines, their intent to dictate terms and conditions on world markets should be obvious.

Western nations’ automotive manufacturing cannot risk loss of lithium supply lines…nor can they put themselves under the boot of Chinese dictates!

Western nations’ automotive manufacturing cannot risk loss of lithium supply lines…nor can they put themselves under the boot of Chinese dictates!

Tianqi Lithium, a Chinese company, recently paid more than $4 billion to become the second-largest shareholder in Sociedad Química y Minera (SQM), a Chilean mining company. The deal gives the company effective control over nearly half the current global production of lithium, a critical component in battery technology.[7] [emphasis added]

To produce cars free of Chinese control, automakers must have new, stable sources of lithium. And with only four regions in the world where serious lithium mining can take place, there’s only one place to look that can both supply the lithium and as important, supply it quickly.

The fourth global lithium resource zone, North America and specifically western Canada, is fast becoming a priority target for new lithium production.

Auto manufacturers cannot be caught napping; they must plan and prepare for new lithium production now, which is why priority is placed on developing Canadian resources first.

Here’s the key to why Canadian projects will likely sprint to the lead in developing lithium production.

To open mining of North American lithium resources, Canadian projects can be brought to production up to five-times faster than American projects!

America’s mine approval process has grown incredibly slow and cumbersome due to an archaic and outdated permitting system.

It now takes as much as 10 years to permit a new mine in the United States.  In contrast, Canada can clear new mine approval in a mere two to three years.[8]

That puts U.S. lithium production start-ups off until the latter part of the next decade! Too late to solve immediate supply needs.

However, thanks to friendly mining regulations, Canadian lithium resources could be brought to production in as little as two years! That’s where we focus our attention for immediate opportunity!

The mining-friendly regions of western Canada could soon be as big a boom region as Texas was during the oil boom of last century.

Fortunes were made then…and fortunes can be made again…in western Canada!

There’s time to get in front of a stampede into western Canada that appears on the near horizon…but don’t wait too long!  

Unlike major resource regions in other parts of the world, no one company holds a commanding position on Canadian lithium resources. Most, if not all those resources are owned by a small number of little-known juniors who hustled in early and locked in large claims.

Of those, one stands out for particular attention.

Sitting on what could soon prove to be millions of tons of high-grade lithium ore is Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R).

Over the last few years, Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R) has been quietly accumulating mining claims over some of Manitoba’s richest lithium hard rock resources. It now holds 100% rights and option agreements on 16.6 square kilometers of historically known lithium ore.

Recent drilling activity has produced exceptional assay results. In fact, newly announced assays from recent activity are comparable to Australia’s Greenbush region, a region that has recently been reported to be producing 40% of the world’s lithium supplies.[9]

Could Canada be next? Think about the potential in Far Resources…it could be home to one of the world’s future leading lithium production sites!

You can do more research into the exploration results and holdings of
Far Resources by visiting the company’s website.

While there, be sure to sign up for the company’s email announcements.


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to directly under the photo at the top of the page] 

The key to profiting in Far Resources…don’t wait to make your decision!

Today, Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R) trades on either side of a dime. That’s typical of little-known junior resource companies, but in no way indicative of Far Resources’ longer-term potential and its payout potential to shareholders who move in now.

It’s already well known that the company sits on historically significant lithium deposits. Data go back to 1956 that show lithium’s abundance, but there was no market for lithium in the 50s.

It wasn’t until recently that Far Resources recognized the present-day potential and moved in to lock in its claims. And it didn’t take long for the numbers to confirm the potential.

Chip samples taken during early exploration returned stunning results ranging from 1.35% to 6.35% lithium dioxide (Li-2O)

Subsequent drilling conducted primarily from 2017 to present day further confirmed the potential for substantial Li-2O deposits.

All the hard data and maps can be studied on the company website.

To get started, go to:

The company has already made big strides toward reporting its inferred resource…and is aggressively pursuing the regulatory reporting requirements that allow them to report their lithium reserves.

As this process moves forward, you can expect FRRSF shares to move quickly out of its current trading range.

If you are intrigued by this potential, start your due diligence without delay. Everything about this opportunity could go fast track at any time.

To begin, you can expect the FRRSF share price to climb rapidly on future announcements of Li-2O findings. In fact, the share price at this juncture will be driven entirely by its exploration results and announcements!

To make sure you get those announcements in time to act, get your email address onto the company’s mail list right now!

Announcements made via email could provide you with valuable information well ahead of the crowd, setting you up for substantial quick profits.

Lithium buyers, particularly in the United States, are watching carefully to see which companies prove up their reserves early. Was proven, Canadian lithium assets like Far Resources will likely be snapped up at huge premiums over today’s ground floor prices!

You can count on major players whose future depend on stable lithium supplies stepping in as eager bidders! They’ll likely pay whatever it takes to secure years of stable, unrestricted lithium supplies.

For them it could be a matter of survival!

Nearly 20% (18 million) of all world vehicles are produced in North America.

Within a half-dozen years, four to five million of those vehicles will be electric, yet today, none of the lithium needed to power those vehicles is produced here!

Automakers are entirely dependent on foreign lithium supplies, largely controlled by the Chinese. This creates enormous incentive for tapping into abundant Manitoba, Canada lithium resources…and they need to get started now!

Western Canada is an ideal starting point. It hosts geologically similar “hard rock” lithium deposits that has propelled Australia to become the world leader in lithium production.

In fact, Australia now accounts for 40% of world lithium production. With similar hard rock deposits, Western Canada could quickly rise to challenge that. As world demand for lithium continues to soar, lithium buyers should be lining up to secure their access to Canadian production.

The enormity of this opportunity should not be underestimated.

With its stock price today at around 10¢ share, Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R) may be trading at a mere fraction of its future worth. This is a company that could soar ten- to twenty-times out of its current trading range and still have room to grow!

There seems to be no question that accelerating demand will consume all new lithium production brought online for the foreseeable future. And as discussed earlier in this report, current lithium producers are unlikely meet new global demand!

China certainly won’t pour its lithium into world markets. Australia is largely controlled by the Chinese, so it can’t be expected to ramp up for the world. South American brine resources take at least 18 months to ramp up and more South American governments are tightly limiting the output of their brine resources. For good reason…

Please make note of this…

It is not only key to understanding why South American brine fields will not solve the world’s lithium supply crisis…it is key to understanding why Canadian resources could be so essential to future lithium supply needs!

Even though South America, Chile in particular, holds the world’s largest deposits of lithium…that lithium cannot be extracted more than it is already.

To begin with, ramping up production is a slow process.

Analyst David Begleiter, of Deutsche Bank North America, reports that,
“…ramping up production [in brine ponds] might be slow because it takes up to 18 months for water to evaporate in brine ponds allowing the lithium to form.”[10]

But here’s the real problem.

Even if the brine could be dried overnight, the water to lift it to surface is fast disappearing!

While South America is touted for its enormous lithium resources, it take massive quantities of water to extract that lithium from ground resources…and the aquifers that supply that water are drying up fast!

A 50-year drought could shut down all new lithium production in South America!

Salar de Atacama is the largest salt flat in Chile, home of the purest lithium deposits on the planet. In your research you will likely learn that the lithium deposits in this location could feed most if not all future growth in lithium demand. Trouble is, all that extra lithium cannot be mined!

Salar de Atacama is one of the driest places on the planet, now in its 50th year of what appears to be a permanent drought. Lithium production can’t be ramped up significantly because it consumes such massive quantities of water. The situation has become so dire that the Chilean government has clamped down on further unrestricted water use!

“In a press release published August 23, 2018, Chile’s General Directorate of Water (DGA) announced they will limit water use rights in the southern region of the Atacama desert because the current number of permits are above sustainable levels.

“The DGA plans on creating a water reservoir for human consumption to ensure that water remains available in the Salar de Atacama where lithium giants, SQM and Albemarle operate.”[11] [emphasis added]

So, there you have it.

China dominates lithium supplies in its homeland and Australia. They’re not likely to ship lithium to competitors! And you won’t get more lithium out of South America due to lack of water and rigid government restrictions.

This exposes a huge problem in meeting future lithium supply demand!

These three locations, China, Australia and South America already account for over 95% of the world’s current supply of lithium!

With forecasts calling for a 17-fold increase in lithium production, where’s all that new lithium going to come from?

Answer: North America!

Over the next few years, we are all very likely to see a massive boom in North American lithium production. More specifically, thanks to how quickly mining operations can be brought to speed…that massive boom is likely to focus first on western Canada and the lithium rich deposits in Manitoba.

For western automakers focused on the future in electric vehicles, this could be a priority for survival! Elon Musk sees it coming…

Tesla is making North American lithium purchases a “priority” for the future.

To reach a near-term objective for producing 500,000 Tesla vehicles annually, the company will have to secure 50 million pounds of lithium carbonate. Musk knows he is unlikely to get that from the existing lithium production pipeline. This is why he has emphasized the vital necessity and promise to source North American lithium.[12]

One things seems certain. If you wish to profit in lithium, then you could make a fortune by moving on Canadian resource companies without delay!

That’s why we focus your attention on Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R). We’re not saying that it is the only resource junior that can skyrocket on Canadian lithium mining…but it is one that appears ideally situated to hit the top!

My summary…and a prediction…

If you haven’t already, take this pending lithium supercycle seriously. It will likely produce some of the fastest growing, most lucrative stock buys you can make in your lifetime.

The explosive world demand for stable (unhindered by government and weather!) new lithium supplies will surely drive a massive lithium production boom into western Canada.

You can get ahead of this and perhaps make some serious profits by getting started immediately. As you begin your research and due diligence…keep these six facts in mind:

  1. Global demand for lithium is on track to grow 17-fold into the next decade.
  2. There are four regions in the world where lithium can be presently mined in useful quantities; Australia, South America, China and North America.
  3. Of these four, North America is the only region not currently dominated by Chinese interests or constrained by environmental limitations and government regulations.
  4. With North America lithium deposits, Canadian resources can be brought to production in as little as two years. That’s significantly faster than the ten years it can take to get U.S. lithium mines up and running.
  5. One of the most promising lithium deposits in Canada lies in the western province of Manitoba and Far Resources (FRRSF) holds 16.6 square kilometers on top of those resources!
  6. For the moment, you can buy a thousand shares of FRRSF for less than $100! As they release new numbers from their ongoing explorations…the value of those shares could soar into the thousands of dollars!

Now about that prediction.

Over the coming months Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R) is likely to release multiple announcements regarding its drill results and assays. Judging by data released thus far, the company is on track to prove up a substantial lithium reserve that could trigger an explosive spike in its market cap.

We predict that at some point yet to be determined…Far Resources will be taken out by a well-heeled entity seeking secure and stable supplies of lithium. It may be Tesla (TSLA), Ford (F), or General Motors (GM) as end users or their proxies. It could also be a U.S. based miner like Albemarle (ALB) which now produces lithium in both South America and Australia.

Point being, FRRSF shares could trigger at any time, particularly on a buyout announcement!

Assuming it does, those ten-cent shares you can buy today could quickly become a distant memory! You can be certain that powerful well-heeled forces are closely monitoring lithium exploration progress in western Canada. How could they not? Their survival hinges on securing future lithium supplies!

Make the right moves now! Put yourself on track that could return in future lithium riches. You can’t take a wait-and-see approach.

What to do now…

Get informed. Start your due diligence. You might even consider getting some money in play with Far Resources (OTC: FRRSF / CSE: FAT / FSE: F0R). As of this writing you can lock in a thousand shares for under $100. If you choose to pull the trigger on a buy, then keep in mind that despite the great promise, Far Resources should still be considered a high-risk investment that could lead to substantial, if not complete losses. Don’t invest any more than you are willing to put at such risk.

However, with that risk comes the promise of exceptional rewards.

It is not uncommon for junior resource companies to explode out of obscurity yielding early shareholders enormous gains over their initial investments. These are wealth-building opportunities that can lead to life-changing wealth.

Now is the time to make you move.

At the very minimum, get your email address on the company’s mailing list.

You can start right now by visiting the company’s website and signing up for their announcements.

Go to:

Also, contact your broker. Put FRRSF on your personal watch list. Stay tuned in and choose your opportunity. Enormous upside potential sits waiting for your action, but don’t wait too long!

The much anticipated “Lithium Supercycle” is gaining traction right now. In the coming months investors will no doubt realize that demand for new lithium will far outstrip current production capacity and more importantly, current production cannot be effectively scaled up!

Whether constrained by environmental factors, political factors or competitive manipulations…automakers in particular will likely be forced into western Canada to meet their growing need for new, stable lithium supplies.

And when those buyers come knocking, you’ll want to be at the door waiting!

A Closing Thought:

I first ran across the phrase “Lithium Supercycle” in an article written by Richard Mills and published online at

In that article, Mills makes the following observation, my emphasis added:

“If we want a lithium-ion battery industry and electric vehicles built in North America we need lithium security of supply. No longer can we rely on the good graces of other countries, we need to develop an energy metals industry in North America – from mine to battery.”[13]

I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’m absolutely convinced that little-known companies like Far Resources will become rising stars with the advent of North American lithium production. Recent history tells us that stunning wealth can be achieved by catching such energy companies early. Think of the millionaires that were born from the explosion in oil and gas production in Barnett Shale and Eagleford oilfields. As the stampede to electrically powered vehicles and renewable resources puts skyrocketing demand on lithium supplies, western Canada is likely to match or eclipse such resource bonanzas. Even a modest sum in play could lead to stunning gains. I hope that you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

For more information about Far Resources and to
sign up for the company’s mailings,
please visit the website.




[3] Ibid.











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