Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) Introduces Update To Fitbit Iconic

Fitbit Inc

Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) offered the preliminary update to its Fitbit OS platform for a more personalized and smarter experience for Fitbit Ionic™ users with over 60 apps now accessible across a wide range of segments, enhanced performance and 100+ clock faces.

The details

Fitbit is also launching Fitbit Labs, which is a Fitbit Research measure that will bring intelligent clock face and innovative apps experiences to users to motivate as well as drive behavior change, and assist accelerate the firm’s pace of innovation. In addition, the company is associating with Deezer to bring its active, personal streaming music service to Fitbit Ionic customers across the world in 2018.1

Jon Oakes, the VP of Product at Fitbit, expressed that Ionic has obtained strong, promising reviews pertaining its leading fitness and health-focused features, platform compatibility, long battery life and more. With this revision, they are offering on their promise to improve the smart experience with famous apps, smart clock faces, and new promising tools that assist users attain their objectives.

This is just the beginning, along with upcoming improvements to the Fitbit OS, they have a remarkably engaged international developer community thrilled to continually offer even more innovative offerings to company’s customers through the Fitbit App Gallery.

Using latest updates, user can personalize with clock faces and apps across a broad range of segments. They can discover free apps from famous brands across different segments that offer users with a simple, effective means to interact with their device and brings convenience to your life.

In addition, they can browse clock faces and new apps from developers to customize the feel and look of their Ionic smartwatch and view at-a-glance information, such as heart rate, active minutes, goal progress, games, sleep, weather or run cadence. Projected in January are apps for Lyft and Walgreens, British Airways with more prevalent brands to be added on a continuous basis.