Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Pick Of Auto Stocks


Dallas, Texas 02/20/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is definitely seeing high market valuation, following the recent indications by leading  analysts.

Where other economic indicators such as drop in factory orders and inventory building for industries, or the housing sector will see drop in sales, the increase in the number of people on the job market, besides a drop in the data for retail sector- there was one sector which saw an upward surge-Automotive industry.

However, the overall retail sales across industries recorded a poor turnout of numbers. The dip in retail sales was in the region of 0.4% in the month of  January, besides December as well. It was also noted that the number of sales in December too was abysmally low.  In the early months of this year, the bad weather have added to the woes of the sector across the nation, indicating further drop in retail sales.

Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F) and other auto dealers did see a fall in sales. Overall sector dips were in the region of 2.1%  for retail car sales. The continued reason for the fall in numbers, in specific relation to car sales has been the below-freezing temperatures.

Auto exceed estimates

However, Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F) and other automotive organizations did see  marginal rise, though December did record bleak sales. Of the auto stocks, analysts zeroed in on three stocks which have performed well despite the slowdown.

First on their list is Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F), which showed a 10.8% increase incomparison to previous year. The slow down for this year is expected to be low as the demand has declined.

Following Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F) was Toyota Motor Corp. which has reported slow and steady upward car sales, eventually resulting in a well noted ranking for the company. The line of thought for the auto sector has been the steady performance of the stock over the rest.