Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Unveils New F-150 Pickup Truck With Ultramodern Tech Features


Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has unveiled its all-new F-150 pickup truck, which is laced with net technology features. The new F-150 truck has massive towing and hauling power, with luxury options like reclinable seats and ultramodern tech features.

New hybrid F-150 truck can go 700 miles on a full tank

Interestingly, what stands out is the push to a full hybrid powertrain pairing turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine and electric motors. In addition to high towing capability, the hybrid version of the F-150 can give 700 miles per tank of gas. It has additional features like being able to plug appliances and lights and power tools into outlets on the truck’s bed. The company expects the hybrid version of the F-150 truck to be available to customers by the end of the year.

Once the hands-free driving component is available that the company is calling “Active Drive Assist,” it will be among the vehicles with hands-free driving in the US. The feature will be available in select highways that the company has mapped. However, truck owners will have to purchase a certain hardware package that will enable the feature, including a monitoring system. For buyers that might not opt for the “Active Drive Assist,” they can still access the Ford Co-Pilot360 assistance system.

New truck to offer extra new features

Some of the trucks will come with features like pedestrian detection and emergency braking, which is fine considering the large size of the truck. Other features that will cost extra include lane centering, adaptive cruise control, trailer backup assists, and posy-collision braking.

The company is yet to announce the new F-150 truck’s price, but it is likely the hybrid version will be expensive compared to similar F-150 trucks with diesel and gasoline engines. Regardless of the considerable gas savings, Ford is expecting around 10% of the buyers to purchase the hybrid. The current generation F-150 range between $30,000 for a basic model to around $70,000 for the limited model.