Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) Extends Its Gain


In the last trading session, the stock price of Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) gained 2% to close the day at $5.62. The gains came at a share volume of 8.03 million compared to average share volume of 9.20 million. Groupon, the only holiday shopping place that provides everything from the personalized gifts to latest gadgets to amazing local experiences, asked 2,000 people when they intend to start their holiday shopping this weekend and recorded that most people look to start checking off lists before they have even finished their turkey, that is 3:29 p.m. on Thanksgiving!

The details

While people noted their projected shopping starting time, survey contributors aren’t essentially looking forward to it. As per the report, stubbing a toe, getting a root canal, watching a kid’s movie, losing your spot in line at the DMV or sleeping on the bus past stop were seen as the top things participants would rather experience over braving store crowds over the weekend.

The survey, commissioned by Groupon and performed by market researchers OnePoll, also noted that not wanting to combat the crowds, getting the day off work, having enough time, being able to get things home and finding someone to look after the kids were considered as the biggest barriers to shopping on Black Friday.

Aaron Cooper of Groupon expressed that getting something for everyone on their list doesn’t have to be so tough. Whether your friends and family look to getting stuff, completing stuff or both, people can offer them everything for less using Groupon.

In unrelated article on Forbes, it was noted that Groupon has witnessed some major restructuring in past few quarters, as it has been leaving some major markets for a while now. The company was operating in around 50 nations a couple of years ago, which has now reduced to 15 countries. These steps were taken to increase profits, and so far, this approach has proved to be successful.