Immunogen, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN) Announces Results Of Clinical Trial Of Epithelial Cancer Treatment

Immunogen Inc

Immunogen, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN) ended 2016 with an announcement of results of its Phase 1 expansion cohort evaluating mirvetuximab soravtansine. Also known as IMGN853, it is a treatment meant for patients suffering from a kind of ovarian cancer. The results of its study were published in Journal of Clinical Oncology. The data highlights the clinical benefits of mirvetuximab soravtansine in treating platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

Increasing the chances of survival through this treatment

The University of Oklahoma’s based Associate Professor of this study; Kathleen Moore explained that a commonly available single-agent therapy for patients suffering from the aforesaid cancer had a response rate of less than 20%, along with survival chances of less than 4 months with median progression-free endurance.

Meanwhile, Dr. Moore explained, mirvetuximab soravtansine had the capability of encouraging tolerability and efficacy, as noted during the Phase 1 trial of this treatment. This indicates an improvement in the clinical outcomes among these patients.

About the study

The Phase 1 expansion cohort study included 46 platinum-resistant epithelial cancer patients. These patients were suffering from cancer in ovaries, fallopian tubes or primary peritoneal. The cancers were the tumors that had tested positive for FRα. These patients were given mirvetuximab soravtansine once in three weeks. The dose then showed results of single-agent activity among 46-patient cohort. It was found that there was a 26% confirmed response rate along with median progression free survival (PFS) streatching up to 4.8 months.

Some of these patients (23, to be precise) who had low to medium/high FRα, and had received only 3 or less therapies earlier, had a survival rate chance of 6.7 months.

Study moves to Phase 3

The Chief Medical Officer at the company, Anna Berkenblit said that the results of this finding have preceded the study to Phase 3. During this phase, the company will check acceptability of the drug as promising agent in the ailment. The company added that it was also checking for the combination therapy/ treatment.