Inpixon (NASDAQ:INPX) Reports Customer Victory With Cadillac Fairview


Inpixon (NASDAQ:INPX) reported Cadillac Fairview has chosen to implement company’s Indoor Positioning Analytics know-how in their CF Champlain Mall site. With a heightened requirement for retail digitization, analyzing and compiling accurate data of the consumer journey is paramount to better serve and understand incredible consumer experiences.

The details

Nadir Ali, the CEO of Inpixon, expressed that they are extremely proud to associate with one of the leading real estate operators in Canada and North America. This is an evidence that the brick-and-mortar retail market is embracing unique technologies that improve the retail setting. Cadillac Fairview is directing the charge and they are proud to support their objective.

Regardless of the retail issues in 2017, businesses are combating back through technological development in sensor-based indoor positioning, machine learning, dynamic digital displays, social media integration and data analytics, to name a few. This substitutes the yesteryears dependency on conventional systems to gather visitor information, which was biased, and only a piece of the data specifying consumer counts, repeat visits and dwell times could be extrapolated.

By passively collecting data through Bluetooth, wireless device and cellular detection, Inpixon IPA will help Cadillac Fairview in discovering several data points, counting mastering the consumer journey to develop better business decisions.

Adam Benson reported that they are constantly prototyping latest technologies to modernize their properties and provide their visitors and customers an engaging experience. In that quest, Inpixon’s IPA know-how is a remarkable find. It can offer in-depth understandings into the indoors and eventually refine the consumer experience.

This is a prospect to evaluate the latest know-how that can establish a base for comprehensive GPS-like data gathering for the indoors. Inpixon is a pioneer in Indoor Positioning and Data Analytics. Its sensors are advanced to seek all accessible cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices anonymously. Together with a top-performance, data analytics base this technology delivers security, business intelligence and visibility on any government or commercial premises world-wide.