Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s hiked capital expenditure may hit it back


Dallas, Texas 08/30/2013 (Financialstrend) – The Shares of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) witnessed an increase of 0.42 % to close at $22.28. With around shares outstanding of 4.98 billion, the company’s market capitalization stands at $ 111.02 billion.

The call options of the company have witnessed an upsurge in trading by about 34% hence making the investors optimistic about the company. Also the number of puts traded got doubled.

However, in accordance with recent reports from Goldman, the company could perhaps face increased tensions in near future. The depreciation expenses are anticipated to increase very soon following an increase in the capital expenditure. This would further lead to declining book profits of the company.

Intel to focus on customising chips for bigger data

Intel Corporation which has also had its focus on customising chips server chips for customers will now also start to customise chips for workloads in big data applications in accordance with reports from the PC world. This new initiation by Intel is expected to largely enhance the company’s performance.

Intel’s linking up with hadoop

 Ron Kasabian, general manager of big data applications at Intel, has said that the company’s linking up with Hadoop will largely enhance the company’s performance and would also the ease the minds of the company’s professionals. He also added that the company is largely focusing on incorporating software implementations to improve the chip performance and fill any software gap.

Also Intel is coordinating with a Chinese company, Bocom to implement a project named Smart City which is aimed at solving the counterfeit license plate problems in China.

Intel still potent of becoming a leader yet again

Intel in the world of chip manufacturing needs no introduction. The company has been customising chips since very long now however, it has been under pressures for quite some time now.

Eventhough the company has more than 80% shares in the PC chips market some challenges still continue to act as obstacles for the company however, talking about the company’s potential, Intel is still very much potent of once again becoming the top most company.