[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] ([market_watch ticker=ITUS item=ticker value=”NASDAQ: ITUS”]) heating or cooling?


At the close of the recent quarter, [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] ([market_watch ticker=ITUS item=ticker value=”NASDAQ: ITUS”])?s balance sheet demonstrated total assets worth $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=total_assets value=”7.25M”] and debt of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=debt_mrq value=”3M”]%. Compared to the previous period, the debt increased/decreased by [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=grth_fail value=”falling”].

[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”]?s total liabilities closing the latest quarter was $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=total_liab value=”3.66M”].

Let?s look into the technical of the stock

[intr_chart ticker=ITUS src=”http://www.financialstrend.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/-ITUS.png”]

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The assets that the firm listed at the close of the recent quarter comprised cash balance of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=cash_mrq value=”2.88M”]%. Net operating cash from the previous quarter was $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=net_op_cash value=”(1.08M)”], resulting in free cash flow of $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=free_cash_flow value=”(1.08M)”]. Compared to the previous period, net change in case was $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=net_change_cash value=”1.48M”].

The cash that [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] generated in the previous quarter stemmed from sales of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=sales_mrq value=”-“]%, which increased [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=rev_grth value=”0%”]% in the same quarter, a year ago. Sales in the previous quarter jumped at a rate faster/slower than the previous quarter by [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=grth_dec value=”decline”]%.

It cost [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] some $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=cost_gsold value=”92,097″] to generate the sales of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=sales_mrq value=”-“]% reported in the previous quarter as the cost of sales. After discounting the cost of sales in the income computations, [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] emerged with gross income of $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=gross_income value=”(92,097)”].

After considering other operating expenses, the firm closed with a net income figure. When that amount divided by the number of outstanding shares it closed up with EPS (earnings per share) of $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=eps value=”0.02″]. For perspective on how [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] reached at the EPS figure, shareholders should know that the firm closed the last quarter with diluted due shares of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=total_do_shares value=”9.74M”].

Wall Street analysts reported investors should anticipate from [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] EPS of $[market_watch ticker=ITUS item=eps_forecast value=””] in the next quarter.

In addition to estimating the next quarter?s EPS, market analysts have weighed in on the stock of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=name value=”ITUS Corp.”] regarding whether shareholders should view it as a SELL, BUY or HOLD. Some [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=num_an value=””] analysts have analyzed the stock so far, giving it an average recommendation of [market_watch ticker=ITUS item=an_recommend value=””].