McDermott International Inc (NYSE:MDR) to Self-Perform Diving Scope for SAPREF Refinery in South Africa and BP Angelin Project in Trinidad and Tobago


McDermott International Inc (NYSE:MDR) has announced that it will self-perform air and saturation diving major projects located in the Europe, Americas and Africa region. The process will build off the company’s vertically integrated model executing the project.

The company won a “sizable” contract to remove a single 24 inch subsea hose string and replace it with a single buoy mooring (SBM) as well as pipeline end manifold (PLEM) for the largest crude oil refinery plant in South Africa which is operated by SAPREF. The plant is situated about 2.5 kilometers off the coast of Durban.

McDermott will carry out a routine critical saturation plus air diving campaign in May from the multi-purpose vessel, Amazon. The vessel will act as the diving support for the project. The project will mark a significant return of the company to Africa.

A global diving team from McDermott will be used to support the installation of the pipeline as well as undertake pre-commissioning work for the BP Trinidad & Tobago, LLC (bpTT) Angelin project. The project is located 40 kilometers off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago on the eastern side. The company has an EPCIC contract from bpTT for the development of the Angelin gas field.

McDermott has indicated that it will use McDermott divers plus local divers from Trinidad to undertake the carry out the diving activities. The divers will work from the Diving Support Vessel (DSV) Da Vinci which has been contracted by McDermott from Boskalis. Some of the diving operations carried out by McDermott include pre-commissioning support for pigging, barrier testing, free flooding the pipeline, free span rectification and hydrotesting and de-watering of the pipeline.

The company’s diving team will use the DSV plus support from local divers for the planned exercise, which is expected to last for a month. McDermott’s DLV 2000 will set up the pipeline and the platform, which is expected to arrive in the country in the third quarter of 2018 and will be installed in the fourth quarter.

McDermott’s Vice President in charge of Americas, Europe and Africa Scott Munro said the company has a good safety diving record plus a good reputation for timely delivery and impressive results.