Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) Unveils Technology Enablement Program Pushing For Adoption of DDR5


Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) announced a broad enablement program that offers early access to ecosystem partners, products, and technical resources. This Technology Enablement Program will assist in designing, developing, and qualification of next-gen computing platforms using DDR5, the most advanced DRAM currently available.

Micron expands DDR5 development program

The announcement plus the approval of the JEDEC DDR5 standard will build on the company’s announcement at the beginning of the year of DDR5 RDIMM samples. This is a huge step in bringing the industry closers to unraveling value in the next-gen data center applications. Some companies have joined Micron in the program, and they include Renesas, Cadence, Synopsys, and Montage.

It is important to note that the DDR5 offers enhanced performance, reliability, and density when modern data centers need to feed fast-growing processor core, counts with enough memory bandwidth. This will help in meeting growing customer demands for availability, serviceability, and reliability. Equally, DDR5 will deliver more than double the effective bandwidth relative to the DDR4. This will help relieve the bandwidth per core crunch as well as enable enhanced power management and high performance for various applications.

Micron has been working with hyperscale firms to develop DDR5

Tom Eby, the company’s SVP and GM of Compute &Networking Business Division, stated that the company has been pushing form deep technical engagements with hyperscale firms and large servers. This has been an initiative trying to help the company in understanding the benefits of DDR5 to its exclusive workloads. Eby added that they are proud to extend the partnership across the whole ecosystem through the Technology Enablement Program.

Since channel partners are important in the development and adoption of new technology, Micron will work with various partners such as distributors, OEMs/ODMs, and value-added resellers as part of the DDR5 TEP. The company’s VP for consumer products, Teresa Kelley, indicated that it is important to work with partners and clients at every step of DDR5 development to ensure smooth transition to the market.