Molycorp Inc(NYSE:MCP) And Its Rare Element Pathway


Dallas, Texas 03/17/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) –  Molycorp Inc (NYSE:MCP), the Greenwood Village, based rare earths production company which has recently reported its full year 2013 results, along with the fourth quarter results. Rare earth minerals industry is the feeder industry for a range of semi-conductor and technology technologies, with governments across countries attempting to retain control over produce.

Molycrop is currently viewed by analysts, along with other global companies engaged in rare earth production as light players on the stock market, as there is not much to talk about these companies. Analysts however are bullish about heavy rare earth element companies, many of which hold substantial assets in the Australian region.

MolycorpInc(NYSE:MCP) currently holds a market cap of $1.23 billion and EPS is -2.03. The outstanding shares the company holds is 3.25 shares Other rare minerals producers such as Quest Rare Minerals Ltd Common Shares (Canada)(NYSEMKT:QRM) holds a market cap of $25.30 million and trade on the stock market between the infra-day prices of $0.49 and $0.54.

Another competitor, Rare Element Resources Ltd (NYSEMKT:REE), which is US-based, has a market of $80.97 million and currently trades on market floors at infra-high of 1.72 and infra-low of 1.62. Among these players in the recent weeks, Rare Element Resources has been seeing great movement on the stock market. Besides, Rare Element has been successful in building itself as a national player, being part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) along with a lead contractor at US Forest Service, Tetra Tech. The panel will study the compliance requirements for the Bear Lodge Project as part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Molycorp Inc (NYSE:MCP)in the meanwhile has been a consistent player on the stock markets without sudden rise or falls as compared to some of the others who have seen quick crests and troughs on the average in the past three quarters.