Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) stocks are declining for the past one month


Dallas, Texas 08/22/2013 (Financialstrend) – Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) had recently announced the new addition of brokers teams in its offices at North Carolina and Ohio, in addition to losing a high producing team at the offices of Morristown, New Jersey. Further, it had recently been commented by the analysts at the company that the stocks in Eastern Europe are proving to have higher values in the markets. It was recently observed that the financial securities such as stocks, bonds and currencies of the emerging nations had been taking a fall in the recent past primarily attributed to the announcement made by the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke that the central bank of the United States would be considering the scaling back of the bond buying stimulus program.

In line with such anxieties bursting out in the markets, an analyst at Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) had commented that the emerging markets are presently moving in for a headwind in their growth of financial securities. It had further been commented that such a growth in the developing nations proves to be highly valuable for the traders. The stock of Morgan Stanley had recently been presenting decline in prices for the past one month of trading in the markets.

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) had on Wednesday moved on to report a closing price of $26.01 per share and had thereby presented a loss of 1.14% over the previous close. The stock had further been presenting price fluctuations during the day to vary from low of $25.80 per share to high of $26.39 per share, while the stock presently has its bottom price level at $14.18 and peak price level at $28.02 per share. There are totally 1.96 billion shares of the company being traded out in the markets and the institutional holdings comprise around 64% of the total capital.