Nielsen Holdings Plc (NYSE:NLSN) Unveils Nielsen Grabix For the Top 56 TV Markets in The US


Nielsen Holdings Plc (NYSE:NLSN) has introduced Nielsen Grabix, the next generation analytics platform, to provide viewer-ship trends of the top 56 TV markets in the US. It also analyzes the 400 national networks and local stations in the US.

The intelligent web based analytics program provides viewer-ship data in real time and also the minute by minute ratings enabling the advertisers and TV programmers to take advertising and programming decisions.

The powerful analytic capabilities, which were available only for the digital media previously, is offered now to the advertisers and local TV by the Nielsen Holdings. The news directors, advertisers and programmers can access the audience behavior instantly and also focus on trending topics to determine the gains or losses for the broadcasting programs.

The analyzers can make use of the new interface to generate dynamic graphs and switch to the micro from macro analysis and identify when the user’s tunes in or out from the featuring videos. It helps the broadcasters to provide better programs with targeted ads and other promotional content to benefit the sponsoring agencies.

Senior Vice President (Product Leadership) of Nielsen Holdings, Ms. Kelly Abcarian said its viewership insights has given a competitive edge to the advertisers and programmers over the years. Now the availability of Gracenote Smart TV viewership data moves the Grabix, the intelligent web platform, to the next level.

The addition of the new intelligent platform provides more power to the advertisers and TV programmers to make more fruitful business decisions.

The Grabix user interface provides a powerful and innovative search capability for the advertisers, newsroom staff and programmers to measure the instances of a particular event featuring a celebrity or politician, news bulletin, or the trends.

The web interface allows separating the episode into advertising breaks, news segments, and weather updates. The programmers can quickly assess the changes in viewership patterns and make appropriate changes to improve viewership. The programmers can also analyze the trends of the new topics and news stories area-wise using the zip code.