Nokia Oyj (NYSE:NOK) Nuage Networks To Expand Fujitsu Cloud Service K5


Nokia Oyj (NYSE:NOK) software-defined network venture named Nuage Networks has been selected by Fujitsu to expand its Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service ‘K5’. The world’s leading OpenStack cloud service, K5 offers Infrastructure as a Service utilizing both bare metal services and virtual machine, with the latter run by OpenStack Ironic, in an international commercial first. The remarkable combination of the Nuage Networks VSP and OpenStack offers Fujitsu and its enterprise consumers with highly available and massively scalable virtual networks.

The details

The Nuage Networks next-gen overlay SDN offering will help Fujitsu extend its deployment of its ‘K5’ services beyond its prevailing data centers in North America, Japan and Europe and to latest centers in Australia and Singapore. Commencing with the data center in Japan, K5 will allow Fujitsu’s enterprise consumers to support their digital transformation by shifting their current server infrastructure into ‘K5’ data centers.

This permits them to fast migrate to a cloud-native setup running on the Nuage Networks VSP and OpenStack Ironic. Besides on-demand services delivery, it will assure greater security, availability and manageability of the cloud to them, and complete support for non-cloud-native apps working on fully integrated bare metal offerings.

The Nuage Networks VSP helps clouds of all architectures and sizes. The Nuage Networks VSP and OpenStack accelerates all cloud management systems, workload types and hypervisors. Offering increased efficiency and automation across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud datacenter settings, the Nuage Networks VSP offers multi-tenant policy-based SDN for Layer 2, 4 and 3 services to the DC from branch, with enhanced micro-segmentation, real-time flow visibility and security with robust threat detection and response, counting service chaining.

Masahiro Ohta of Fujitsu Limited expressed that the Nuage Networks VSP marks an ideal offering as it has ability to integrate with OpenStack and offer consumers with a highly flexible and customizable IaaS platform for supporting different applications and cloud management systems.