Northstar Realty Finance Corp. (NYSE:NRF) stock surge


Dallas, Texas 10/02/2013 (Financialstrend) – Northstar Realty Finance Corp. (NYSE:NRF) President and Chief Operating Officer Albert Tylis along with his Chief Financial Officer Debra Hess offered a sales pitch in front of analysts and investors during the JMP Conference on October 1.

A quick summary of the highlights from yesterday’s presentation is discussed below.

The management duo from NorthStar hard sold the benefits of “internally-managed” structure like the one they have in running a successful commercial mortgage real estate investment firm. It has close to $10 billion of real estate assets under its collective management. The executives also highlighted the diverse spread of its investment portfolio which has stakes in “real estate debt, real estate equity and lease properties”. These investments continue to yield a steady return on investments which the company has ploughed back as dividends to its share holders. NorthStar commitment to share holder returns is underlined by the over 100% increase in its dividend payout yield by over the past two years. The company also has close to $2.6 billion of diverse commercial real estate under its direct ownership.

COO Tylis highlighted the huge potential of their asset management business which employees close to 50 people as broker-dealers. They have raised $1.1 billion proceeds to launch their first non-traded REIT vehicle. They also are contemplating launch of two separate non-traded REIT vehicles with total exposure of close to $2.75 billion.

The stock of this $1.88 billion market capitalized REIT is trading at $9.43 up 1.62% from its previous close of $9.28. It has paid close to 8.48% dividend over the past 12 months trailing period with close to $626 million annual sales over the past 12 months trailing period. Over the past week the share price of the stock has gone up 2.5% from previous week and is up 7.6% over the past month.