One Step Vending Corp (OTCMKTS:KOSK) Adds 18 Micro Market Locations In Six Weeks With Continued Accelerated Growth Expected

One Step Vending Corp

One Step Vending Corp (OTCMKTS:KOSK) has announced completion of 18 micro market installations over the past six weeks. The company is hoping to maintain its growth momentum as it shifts its focus to national expansion. The company specializes in market acquisitions with a footprint in the self-serving vending market.

The micro market has significantly grown in its viability following a drop in cost to around $1,200 per location. The micro market models are also able to profitably serve around 50 to 300 users. Initially there was a minimum required user count of 300 users so as get to profitability levels in a location.

Consumers today are looking for cost effectiveness, variety of products and instant gratification. Micro markets are well placed to meet all the three criteria in a better way that current existing solutions in the market like vending machines and supermarkets. Micro markets are the cornerstone of convenience in addition to offering a wide variety of dining options at pocket friendly rates. Micro markets offer both affordable variety and convenience in one package. Micro market shoppers no longer need to choose between the two.

Micro markets are naturally and rapidly replacing the traditional vending machines. This is due to the fact that offer a very wide variety of food options to choose from including healthy and fresh foods which are not easy to get in vending machine sections.

One Step Vending, Corp CEO Daniel Garfinkel says each location offers the company with an open opportunity and potential to earn revenue. With this he says they are optimistic the company will increase its cash flow in 2017. He adds that the company will be signing several more deals for installation of new market locations. “We are ecstatic to be getting out in the field, inking new deals, and installing new micro market locations,” he said

As the company’s cash flow continue to increase, the company plans to reinvest the capital in installation of new locations and step up national branding campaigns so as to reach more of the corporate customers.