Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P) Associate With Real Industry To Empower The Next-Gen Of Music Marketers


Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P), in association with Real Industry, reported the release of its Pandora Challenge – Music and Social Impact program at as many as five universities across the U.S. Participating students will utilize company’s Artist Marketing Platform and data from Next Big Sound to use the power of music and lead awareness for those struggling with cancer, musicians and students in underserved communities and LGBTQ equality.

The buzz

Jay LeBoeuf, the Executive Director and Founder of Real Industry, expressed that the Pandora Challenge is an innovative prospect for students to advance real-world artist marketing plans that support and lead awareness for vital social causes. Alex White, the Head of Next Big Sound at Pandora, stated that the love of music and energy the students have is a remarkably powerful combination.

With assistance from their associates at Real Industry, they are harnessing that arrangement for a good cause and also offering students’ knowledge and experience they can use to spur their careers in the music segment.

The program started at University of Southern California on October 4. More than 100 students participated in this challenge and advanced campaigns to support the release of BloodPop®’s Made of Music program. This plan intends to connect underserved music professionals and aspiring musicians with mentors from local community. It will preliminary focus its initiatives on the greater Los Angeles area, but intends to eventually reach communities across the globe.

BloodPop® stated that he is thrilled about working with Real Industry and USC students to advance his program Made of Music into offerings that help to empower underserved students in the Los Angeles area. This will offer them new sites for their creativity and prompt them to follow careers in music.

Daouda Leonard, the founder at Mastor Craft, expressed that the USC experience was unbelievable. The chance to be back on a college campus, associating with students in a group establishing to solve important concerns in the creative community is unparalleled.