Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN) Reports Alzheimer’s Top-Line Results


Dallas, Texas 04/28/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR)(NASDAQ:PRAN) has in the past week announced the results of the top-line results after the company declared its ‘12-month Phase II imaging trails’ as part of its Alzheimer’s disease solution matrix.

With several companies vying for top drug or therapy to resolve age-related problems such as Alzheimer’s, Prana Biotechnology it appears has penetrated the ceiling, with its top line results.

Latest Financial position

The company in the recent years has reported trading range of $1.86 low and high of $2.01 during an average trading day special. The 52 week range of $1.67 low and 52 week trading high of $13.29 has resulted in the company seeing an overall drop of over 6.00% on the stock market at the end of the previous trading session.

Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN) is one of the few Australia, Brisbane based companies which are listed on the US browsers, offering unique and path-breaking solutions.

Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN) is one of the development stage companies which offer therapeutic drugs for the treatment of diseases that cause brain as well as eye damage, typically during the aging years.

Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN) has also concentrated on offering solutions for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease as well. In a process where the company has been working on Huntington’s as well as Parkinson’s diseases, solutions are yet to reach their primary conclusions.

In recent times, Prana Biotechnology Limited (ADR) (NASDAQ:PRAN) has also been involved in the treatment of cancers as well as age-related macular degenerative as well as other diseases such as Motor Neuron diseases. The host of age-related contracts the organization works on include the Creutzfedt-Jakob disease, related to cataracts related to old age.