RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS) Announces Dcengine Release 1.0 Management Software Suite

RadiSys Corporation

RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS), a company engaged in service acceleration has unveiled the DCEngine™ Management Software Release 1.0. The software will enable communications service providers (CSPs) access crucial key hardware management capacity that is needed for optimizing resources for hyperscale data solutions. The new software comes integrated with the DCEngine line of products.

Communications service providers are increasingly transforming from centralized offices to virtualized data centers. This will enable to rapidly adopt the principles of network function virtualization (NFV) and of software-defined networking (SDN).

Consequently, Communications service providers are increasingly employment solutions that offer real-time view as well as close monitoring of virtual and physical components on several data centers so as optimize network facilities. The DCEngine Management Software helps in simplifying and enhancing management of resources and allows the dynamic interchanging of resources based on demand and workload. The softeware can be used by CSPs to offer real-time dashboard monitoring so as to establish the manner in which resources are being used to adjust where need be.

According to Radisys vice president in charge of DCEngine and FlowEngine, Communications service providers are quickly changing their virtualization strategies and channeling their data infrastructure into supporting highly available applications like real-time data analytics and virtualized network functions. He says the software will help in delivering important hardware resource management capacities that are on high demand in the new ecosystem.

DCEngine is the first open hardware system in the industry that uses Open Compute Project (OCP). These specifications are able to integrate with high speed computer operating systems

Next generation DCEngine Management Software will add more on these capabilities which concentrates on enhancing the integration of the DCEngine hyperscale solutions into SDN-enabled ecosystems.

The DCEngine has a number of features among them ability to dynamically compose resources to conform to specific workload demands. It also has a module that used to orchestrate data center frameworks.

Radisys allows content and communications providers together with their partners to establish new sources of revenue and cut costs on their operations.