Sale of Twinkies to Start Again in summer


NY-This Tuesday, the sale of Twinkies has been approved by the Bankruptcy judge. Under the action of this approval, a number of firms would be allowed to begin the sales all over the country. One of the firms made a statement in this regard stating that they hope the cakes would be back on the shelves till summer. In terms of business outlook, Hostess Brands Inc. is known for selling Twinkies, Ding Dongs and some other brands to Apollo Global Management at a price of about $ 410 million. Now here, Metropoulos that they want to have the products back on the shelves till summer so that all other brands would also be able to gain some profits and sales. In other words, Twinkies are quite important for a number of firms and stores from a business perspective.

Metropoulos also said in this regard that they need to quite careful and move quickly in terms of making things happen for the best. He also added that the famous comedians like Will Ferrell and the funny Zach Galifianakis are also in their wish lists for being the potential pitchmen, but he does not plans in mind in terms of approaching them directly for the marketing related reasons till the sales close. Robert Drain, the judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court, has also issued an order in lines to which the sales of the wonder bread would be started again for Flower Foods. At the same time, the sales of Beefsteak has also been approved from the side of the court. Moreover, another hearing has been scheduled to take place on 9th April under the action of which the sale of the Drake’s Cakes would also be approved.

A spokesperson from the side of the Hostess said nearly 36 bakeries have now been sold due to the bankruptcy issues and now it is going to depend on the new owners whether or not they would be hiring back the people who lost their jobs due to the cases. Mark Semer, another spokesperson from the side of the new companies said that they plan to hire the most qualified and hardworking employees for all their facilities in which a large number of former workers would also be included. The worker’s organizations said in this regard that their highly organized and motivated work force will endeavor to work with their heart and soul in terms of reshaping the business outlook of the factories.