Silvercorp Metals Inc. (USA) (NYSE:SVM) – a leading name in the market


Dallas, Texas 09/10/2013 (Financialstrend) – When it comes to the matter of silver related mining then the Silvercorp Metals Inc. (USA) (NYSE:SVM) can easily be said as a leading name in the market. They are the key players who have an operation at the mining property belts of china and Canada. It has held the position of being the second largest production organization whicj has been operating in china. They have been a steady company in the market who have well withstands the pressure of the market economy over the year. On 8th August, 2013 they announced their steady dividends which will prove to be quite beneficial for the share holders.

The result

The dividends which have been announced by the Silvercorp Metals Inc are that the dividends are absolutely eligible for those who are under the Canadian tax purposes. The dividend which has been generated is due to be paid on the October, 2013. This was announced by the boards of the directors of the company. This is the quarterly dividends that are due to be paid. The business close will be held on 30th September 2013 and before that on 21st September 2013 the dividends will be paid to the share holders.

The market image

The regular payment or the regular amount of the dividends has been calculated to be equal to $0.10 as the annual dividend for Canadian per share holder. This calculation is supposed to yield around 3.2% on basis of the closing of the stock market on the late of August.

The company has been a steady horse in the market and thus the share holders are quite happy with the kind of performance they render. They have been making a lot of turnover and has been making their market grow at a steady rate, moreover, they have innovation maker handling strategies which adds on to this factor.