Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Celebrates 10 Years In Business As Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ:NKLA) Unveils Pre-Orders For The Badger


It is now ten years down the line since Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) was incorporated into the NASDAQ. Well-wishers around the world continue wishing the company a happy 10th IPO. It took off at $19 per share, and the figure has risen to now stand at about $970 per share. It is a great success story for a company that has remained focused on producing top-notch products.

Tesla’s efforts

At the start, Tesla had only one car model. Reports indicate that the model is no longer available. However, great progress has been witnessed despite the ups and down it has experienced in its quest to take over market leadership. Currently, it takes great pride in having an amazing line up of about four models.

Determined to succeed, Tesla has been active in doing progressive activities. For instance, it has taken a massive step in purchasing an auto-manufacturing factory in California. It also has another one in Shanghai as it hints on opening up another in Germany. Business competition rages on with the rivals also trying their best to survive in a rather competitive business climate. Elon Musk is impressed that earlier this month, Tesla hit its record high and hopes to do more to make things even better. It was great news to shareholders who, without any cloud of doubt, have been rewarded.

Nikola and the reservation of its Badger

On the other hand, the stock of Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ:NKLA) has also been showcasing outstanding performance. It is a matter that has grabbed a great deal of attention to investors from around the globe. They are developing confidence in it, but the latest announcement has left many surprised.

It is about the registration for an electric track called the Badger whose prototype hasn’t been produced yet. Nikola is taking deposits amounting to $5,000 for every person that is reserving a slot. The money is expected to be deposited in the escrow accounts, but this is something that requires one to have confidence and trust in Nikola. A lot of enthusiasm about the company continues to be witnessed as more people continue considering making their reservations.