The Recent Dip In The Stock Value Of GEVO Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO)


Dallas, Texas 02/13/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – During last week the share price of GEVO Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO) witnessed a sharp dip and the stock lost almost 5.42 percent. The main reason behind this is seen as United States reconsideration about butanol as good substitute for ethanol. As per the research agencies there are few disadvantages associated with the use if butanol but the main benefit is its ability to blend really well with gasoline and it also gives drivers a fair share of mileage over long distance travel.

In fact Richard Branson who is one of the world famous billionaires was seen promoting the use of butanol in a very big way. Another best part about butanol is that it can be easily brewed from corn and is colorless. As a result the shares of GEVO inc. opened at $1.28 and closed at around $1.20. The current market capitalization of GEVO Inc is $60.87 million and its 52 week high is $2.75 and 52 week low is $1.12.

An overview of the Company

GEVO Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO) is a renewable advanced bio fuels and chemical company and is primarily focused towards the development and the commercialization alternatives to different petroleum based products. The company has mainly two business verticals by the name of GEVO Inc. segment and GEVO development agri-energy segment.

The main aim of the first vertical that is GEVO Inc. is to ensure proper research and development related activities for the future production of isobutanol and the main aim of the second vertical that is GEVO development and agri-energy segment is to ensure proper development of agri-products that can prove to be useful for future fuel needs.  The company is also planning to enter into strategic relationship with some more energy companies so that the future roadmap can be designed in a proper and efficient manner.