What Is The Buzz Surrounding Nokia Oyj (ADR)(NYSE:NOK)?


Nokia Oyj (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) is playing a major role in the Broadband Forum’s plan to spark fixed access network revolution by spearheading the latest Broadband Access Abstraction project. The initiative seeks to lead the adoption of software-defined access system via the contribution of open source software, bringing together operators and vendors to ensure they are allied with industry specifications to fulfill the needs of operators internationally.

The assignment seeks to detail a software reference application for an open BAA layer, which would remove dependencies on vendor-specific devices and proprietary software functions by offering standardized interfaces and decoupling execution from the underlying hardware.

The highlights

Nokia is the first vendor associate to contribute open source code as per the BAA assignment. Fully ranged with BBF standard data setup, the open source code offers common management functionality, turning it easier to manage multi-vendor, multi-technology access setup and allowing vendors and operators focus on advancing unique innovative cloud capabilities instead.

The assignment is created within the BBF, a firm focused on engineering faster and smarter broadband networks, under the Open Broadband plan and taps into extensive experience in defining network architectures that meet a wide range of operator needs and requirements. Developing both the reference codes and specifications under a single organizational umbrella will curtail feedback loops and lessen the development measures and testing cycles needed.

Robin Mersh, the CEO of Broadband Forum, expressed that they are thrilled to have Nokia be the initial vendor in the Forum to back open source code under the BAA open source initiative. This will assist reduce the efforts and time required to achieve interoperability and assist operators to advance a background for cloud infrastructure in the chief office. By supporting open source code as per industry provisions, the Forum can efficiently collaborate with the open source group to help in development and testing.