World supply crisis looms – manganese now essential for electric vehicles and renewables!


Explosive Potential for
Maxtech Ventures (OTC: MTEHF; CSE: MVT; Frankfurt: M1N)

Stand by…a crisis is brewing that could make you rich!

  • Demand for this crucial elemental material is set to skyrocket as the world rapidly shifts gears to electric vehicles and utility scale renewables.
  • By weight, manganese is the most essential element used in all existing economical battery technologies.
  • High-grade manganese shortages could soon stun world markets! Investors with ground floor positions in emerging manganese (Mn) producers could be standing on fortunes in the making. Here’s what you need to know now!


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It takes thirty- to forty-times more manganese to make a lithium-ion battery than lithium itself…and as demand for manganese is swelling…investors remain fixated on lithium!

Since the 1800s, manganese production and prices have been directly linked to demand for steel. It’s an essential element for steelmakers, which is why over 90% of all manganese mined to date has gone to the steel industry.

But something new has arisen that could change everything.

Battery manufacturing needs manganese…and lots of it.

Over the coming years as global fleets of electric vehicles skyrocket and utility-scale energy storage systems go live…demand for manganese is destined to overwhelm existing supply channels.

To meet anticipated demand, new production must be brought online, which creates a huge, immediate opportunity for investors to capture gains that could soon follow.

Who will benefit most? Companies featured in this report are among the few available for investing in manganese through U.S. exchanges:

  • Vale (NYSE: VALE) Brazil’s largest producer of lithium ore and one of the few large-scale producers listed on American exchanges. Manganese represents a major piece of its revenue stream.
  • BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP) The world’s largest mining conglomerate is a producer of manganese. It could benefit from soaring manganese demand, but Mn is only a fraction of its total resource output.
  • Maxtech Ventures (OTC: MTEHF) Likely the only junior-level pure-play manganese producer in the world today, this company holds high-grade manganese mineralization claims in Brazil and researching areas of interest  in Africa so highly desired, that potential buyers are already inquiring about future production schedules.

Conservative or aggressive, one thing seems clear. Manganese offers a unique, new investing opportunity that will spring to life at any time.

Start with the obvious.

By 2030, the number of electric vehicles on the road is projected to be fifty-times what it is today. Every major auto manufacturer on the planet is moving into electric vehicle production. Countries are actually outlawing internal combustion engines. England, India, China, many in Europe…by mid-century, literally billions of people will no longer be allowed to buy or even drive a gasoline/diesel powered vehicle.

This alone would trigger an explosion in demand for manganese. And the story only gets even bigger when you factor in demand for manganese triggered by green energy systems.

As renewable energy installations in wind and solar spread worldwide, utility-scale energy storage installations like that recently completed by Tesla in Australia could accelerate the transition of global energy production to renewables.

Australia Powers Up the World’s Biggest Battery — Courtesy of Elon Musk[1]

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, showed that facilities like this can solve the challenge of intermittent energy output from wind and solar production sources. Such installations would use substantially more manganese than any other element. Worldwide deployment of these facilities seem inevitable as countries bring more and more renewables online.

Under these rapidly evolving circumstances, projections can be made that demand for manganese will undergo a seismic shift that could far outstrip existing production.

Current manganese producers are set for an enormous windfall.  Now would be an ideal time to look into how you could profit from an investment in stable manganese suppliers.

For conservative investing, the two large-scale manganese producers, BHP Billiton and Vale, deserve careful consideration. Though each will likely benefit by soaring demand for manganese…though their sheer size limit shareholders to respectable, but uninspired upside potential.

However, there is a new manganese supplier entering the scene…and this company in particular does business in an unprecedented way that is remarkably risk-free.

That company is Maxtech Ventures and its unique business model could make it one of the biggest manganese successes of the decade. It sits on what could be called the highest quality, most concentrated manganese deposits in the world and that could send it soaring as…

The global search for battery metals becomes a stampede.

Global Information reports:
“World mine production of manganese (gross weight) has grown at a rate of over 7% [per year] since 2000, reaching an estimated 53.9Mt in 2014

Manganese has been on a healthy growth curve for a number of years due almost exclusively to parallel growth in steel production.

But here’s what’s missing…all that growth, which is impressive as it stands…was for manganese supplied to the steel industry.  That growth does not forecast the significant growth projections that can be made for manganese supplying the future in battery technology.

At present, Manganese use in batteries is little more on the screen! But soon, it could supernova! No doubt, you’ll want to be there when it does!

Over the coming decade, demand for manganese needed to build out battery-based energy systems should absolutely explode.

A stunning report from Bloomberg projects the growth rate of electric vehicle to skyrocket with an astonishing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) as high as 60%![3]

Here’s what that looks like on a chart…



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Today, fewer than 1% of vehicles on the road are battery powered. In a dozen years, that number is projected to skyrocket fifty- to one-hundred-fold!

Almost without exception, every one of the electric vehicles projected above will require massive weights of manganese for their battery banks.

This may prove to be the greatest mega-trend in market history! If not the greatest, certainly in the top few!

You could profit enormously from this and here’s a key point to remember…

Every economical EV battery technology now in use (and for the foreseeable future) requires enormous quantities of manganese. Nearly two-thirds of the material weight in a lithium battery is manganese while only 2% to 4% consists of lithium!

Of all the materials needed to fuel this mega-trend…the one material with the greatest incremental growth in sheer weight of need is manganese!

And manganese growth will be driven by skyrocketing sales in electric vehicles. But EVs aren’t the only mega-driver of manganese’s growth.

On top of EVs, utility scale energy storage systems, like the Tesla wind energy “battery” storage facility in Australia, should put enormous new demands on global manganese supplies.

That one installation can provide a steady flow of stored wind energy to service 30,000 homes. By storing the surplus energy produced by the wind turbines, electricity can flow even when the wind is not.


Installations like this will be essential for allowing wind and solar energy to expand into widespread use. That could have a huge impact on manganese.

An analysis projected to 2030 by the International Renewable Energy Agency anticipates that intermittent wind and solar energy capacity will grow five-fold and nine-fold respectively.[4] Under existing technologies, manganese will be essential to ensuring the greatest utility of this new renewable capacity.

Existing manganese production may already be under strain.

For the last five years, global manganese production has held steady between 19 and 20 million metric tons per year.[5] Existing mining operations may be unlikely to ramp up to meet the new demand created by a tidal wave of electric vehicles and renewable energy tech.

Therefore, the big winners in the coming manganese market are likely to be producers developing new sources of manganese supply.

Where to go now to invest.

There are almost no pure-play manganese producers that are accessible to the average American investor.  Two large-cap mining operations that produce manganese are listed in the United States, BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP) and Vale (NYSE: VALE). Both are highly diversified multi-national giants with operations around the globe.

Vale’s manganese operations are a fraction of its overall $29.8 billion annual revenue stream that is primarily focused on iron, nickel, copper and coal. It may in fact be moving away from manganese production as evidenced by its declining ore quality at one key mine site coupled with last year’s sell-off of existing stockpiles. A significant upturn in the manganese market should have minimal impact on the bottom line and ultimately contribute little to shareholder value.[6]

Similarly, BHP Billiton’s $10.96 billion annual revenue comes from its highly diversified operations throughout the world. Its primary targets are resources in metals (copper, iron ore, nickel, zinc and potash) and petroleum.[7] Though the company does have manganese production, it is likely a very low priority. No news has been released on the company website regarding its manganese operations since December of 2008…and that was to announce a production reduction.[8]

Despite their secondary interest in Manganese, Vale and BHP Billiton both stand as excellent potential investments for conservative plays that include this critical metal in their production. But don’t expect significant share price moves on soaring demand…the metal is simply too small a portion of their overall business.

If you decide to make a play into the manganese market for its massive wealth-building potential, then you would do well to look carefully at Maxtech Ventures (OTC: MTEHF; CSE: MVT; Frankfurt: M1N).

Unlike the above and many other companies where manganese is a fractional component of their overall business…Maxtech-Ventures is a pure play manganese investment. Plus, because of its “junior” status, the company holds enormous share value growth potential as a world supplier of high-grade manganese ore. Note that “high-grade” means just that. Maxtech’s ore grades rank at the top of the chart.[9]

Maxtech Ventures: a pure-play manganese junior that holds stunning growth potential for its ground floor shareholders.

Many investors familiar with junior mining operations know that the path from discovery to production can be long and arduous.

However, Maxtech Ventures reports that customers are inquiring about reserving the company’s manganese in the ground…even before it is mined.

Why? Because Maxtech Ventures reports its manganese ore assays are 20% higher than typically found worldwide. What’s more, the company locked in prospects where manganese deposits of this grade are found literally laying on the surface!

Two prospects with the some of the highest graded manganese concentrations found anywhere in the world.

As the search for new manganese deposits builds, two regions rise as the most promising, Africa and South America.

As reported by Maxtech Ventures, buyers are already lining up to strike supply deals even while the ore remains in situ! The reasons are simple.

The company’s initial focus is in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil where a 40,000 hectare land package of mineral outcrops at the surface produce ore grades ranging from 51.4% to 55.9%. (Typical ores throughout the world grade around 45% Mn.)

In conjunction with resource assessment work, the company enacted strategic relationships with Brazilian company, Maringá Ferro-Liga,.  Maringá Ferro-Liga is an 82-year-old company, the second largest manganese ferroalloy producer in South America. Their expertise and contacts in the region should ensure that Maxtech quickly and smoothly proceeds through to production.

As renewables rise…demand for manganese will rock the world!

At present, few seem to be considering the vital role that manganese will play in the worldwide transition into renewable energy technologies.

This train has left the station…the world is aggressively moving to electrically powered vehicles and renewable (wind and solar) energy resources.

None of this would be possible using existing technology without enormous supplies of manganese.

Despite this, investors are largely ignoring the profit potential here, which is remarkable considering that investors have already moved aggressively into lithium assets.

Here’s the key: most electric car manufacturers have opted to use batteries based on lithium manganese oxide because they last longer, hold up better when damaged[10], and are well suited to rapid charges and high-demand discharge.[11] [emphasis added]

Electric vehicles will trigger a paradigm shift in energy storage systems and manganese producers could be the big winners in all this.

As you do your due diligence into the manganese markets you will note three things:

  1. Current battery technology essential to harnessing and storing electric power requires as much as 40-times more manganese than lithium, which is on a tear in investment markets! Manganese simply has not yet hit the radar screen of renewables. It’s still touted primarily for its use in steelmaking, which many perceive as a mature, stable market with little upside potential.
  2. Though manganese is generally plentiful worldwide…commercially useful concentrated ores are difficult to find. Today, average grades of manganese ore run around 45% and some existing resources are playing out, as evidenced by reports from Vale. For comparison, Maxtech ores in Brazil are grading 4% to 55.9% at the surface.
  3. No current, economical battery technology existing today can be brought to market without enormous supplies of manganese. Within the next few years, battery technology will become cost comparable to technologies used in gasoline-powered vehicles. Within a dozen years, projections are that the world fleet of electric vehicles (powered by those batteries) will soar by 50 to 100-times today’s levels. Once again, this will place enormous demand on manganese supplies that cannot possibly be met by today’s production levels.

While NYSE large-caps Vale (VAL) and BHP Billiton (BHP) shareholders may benefit in such a crisis…ground floor shareholders in Maxtech Ventures (MTEHF) could see their shares absolutely skyrocket in value.

For aggressive investing Maxtech holds potential to yield returns many times what might come from a large cap producer.

What to do now…

Start with your due diligence! Investing in any mining company carries risk and it can be substantial with a junior like Maxtech Ventures. But remember, high risk can yield high reward. The large cap producers mentioned in this article may be the only conservative manganese opportunities to be found on U.S. exchanges (NYSE) and the impact of surging manganese market should have only a modest impact on their share prices.

Maxtech’s world-class manganese resources are already garnering attention from buyers who see a crisis on the horizon. Despite this, little attention has been paid to manganese investments by professional traders.

This could be the ideal opportunity to beat the markets and get in before the world recognizes the potential manganese supply crisis that lurks ahead.

The time to get engaged is now and Maxtech may be your best shot at making a fortune in manganese!

The quick and easy way to get engaged is to buy some shares! That can put you on the leading edge as the company progresses toward bringing its manganese resources to market. Referencing today’s Maxtech trading range, just $300-$400 will lock in a thousand shares.[12]

At a minimum, get Maxtech on your broker’s watch list and pay attention to the news that Maxtech releases. Better still, skip your broker and visit the company website, Sign onto the company’s email list for future information releases and stay in front of the news.
[copywriter note: I’m anticipating that the above can be implemented soon. If not, this should be removed.]

Now is the time to act.

Always remember, past results do not ensure future returns. But soaring new demand for an essential element to power the world’s energy future sets the stage for a genuine supply crisis in world manganese supplies.

To alleviate any supply crisis, substantial new manganese supplies must be and a key source for alleviating the crisis may vary well be the world-class, easily accessed manganese resources now held by Maxtech Ventures!

And since Maxtech remains virtually unknown outside the manganese market space…profit-seeking investors stand to make fortunes should this story play out as it appears!

To learn more about Maxtech Ventures (OTC: MTEHF; CSE: MVT; Frankfurt: M1N) visit their website at:



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[9] All company data sourced from official website and April 5, 2018 phone interview with company CEO, Peter Wilson.



[12] trading range $0.34-$0.35, April-11-18

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