Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) Management Reshuffle


Dallas, Texas 03/05/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) has been in the midst of some management shuffles. It appears that Rick Dastin, who has been thus far been handling the technology side of the business, will move to the services side of the business.

Xerox Corp(NYSE:XRX) who has been one of executives in the company who joined in 981 and ascended one of the top-management posts- as the President of Xerox Corp solutions for business and enterprises, besides being the Chief Development Engineer at the company. With the reshuffle, the technical expert will now hold sway over the services platform as well. Besides,  the software and technology platforms, the goal for this long lasting Xerox executive is to see some delivery solution.

At Xerox Corp(NYSE:XRX)Dastin had thus far overarching authority in managing the printer business and its multiple divisions. The company by moving Dastin to the delivery frontline hopes to duplicate the technology superiority on the services front as well.

Xerox Corp(NYSE:XRX)  has thus far announced its five-point plan which will help it to grow larger as a business as well as make profits. The first of these is the business service segment which requires  a globalized approach. There will also be wide ranging cost cutting as well.

Xerox Corp(NYSE:XRX) had always been successful on  the services front. However, 2013, was a major drawback in this segment. From 7 percent growth in revenue in 2012, the photocopying and printer major saw a drop in growth to 5 percent. Incidentally, the drop in growth target for 2013, while the overall business growth was 3% the previous year.

Xerox Corp(NYSE:XRX) expects to see the five-step plan for the growth of the company move forward with Datin’s multiple role. The company admits that the evolution for the company has begun and it will soon move to be one of the largest in its segment but will now enjoy global presence.