XOMA Corp (NASDAQ:XOMA) On A Journey Of Misses And Gains


Dallas, Texas 04/15/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) –  Last reported news on XOMA Corp (NASDAQ:XOMA) has been the 2013  fourth quarter results which continue to impact the performance of this drug maker on the stock market.

XOMA Corp (NASDAQ:XOMA) key financial aspects of 2013 has been the $35.5 million, for the twelve month period, ending Dec 31, 2013. Incidentally, this Dec to Dec comparison for the previous year reveals an increase, though marginal.  In 2012, comparative period the revenue was $33.8 million.

XOMA Corp (NASDAQ:XOMA) for the fourth quarter reported revenues to the tune of $12.5 million which is a resounding gain over the $7.4 million it earned in 2012.

Effects of results on stock market position for Xoma

XOMA Corp (NASDAQ:XOMA) continues to perform lower than average prices, losing by nearly 4.46%, losing by -0.18. Its current market capital is 422.02 million and EPs is -1.38. Shares for this stock are currently at $106.57 million, while Beta is 2.77. Infra day prices have been between $3.84 and $4.31 per share and 52 week prices are ranging between $3.02 and $9.57.

XOMA Corp (NASDAQ:XOMA) is one of the leading pharmaceuticals which develops and discovers lead drug candidates such as Gevokizumab. This drug is technically a monoclonal allosteric modulation antibody which is designed to stop the inflammation causing cytokine interleukin-1 beta.

The company also holds preclinical pipeline which extends to classes of antibodies which both activate as well as sensitize the insulin receptor. It also treats diabetes, including other diseases which have high percentage of insulin present in them.

The company also currently holds United States rights which will engage portfolio of antihypertensive products, which are regarded as Servier. Additionally, the portfolio will include ACEON, which is marketed by angiotension, which in turn converts enzyme such as ACE inhibitor, a three fixed-dose combination of FDC product candidates, which form perindopril, a combination of active ingredient components.