$57 Billion Streaming Industry Surges 45% In Last 4 Months

Investors looking for big growth have found it in a few places in the past few years.

Cannabis poured billions of dollars into investors’ pockets with returns that often reached into the triple digits.  So did semiconductors, which outperformed every other sector over the past decade, delivering returns as high as 2,800%.[1]

But while those industries got all the headlines, one young and little-noticed industry has been quietly but quickly experiencing significant growth.

Market intelligence firm TDG Research calls it “the quiet revolution.”[2]

Analysts aren’t the only ones calling this explosive new industry a revolution, either. So are investment editors at Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, and Forbes, among others.[3]

The industry is “live streaming,” and even if you don’t know that term, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or participated in a live stream.

Or if you haven’t, you soon will.

In December 2019 the influential arts and culture magazine Hyperallergic reported that live streaming “is the fastest-growing market in the world.”[4]

In April 2020 media tech publisher Telemedia wrote that live streaming has put the world “on the cusp of a revolution.”[5]

Rutgers University futurist Mary Chayko identifies three technology revolutions of the 21st century that are remaking our world.[6]

First, broadband connectivity brought so much of the world’s knowledge and media right into our homes and offices.

Next, mobile connectivity allowed us to access all that knowledge and media from any place at any time.

Then social media broke down the boundaries between us and the outside world in ways that were unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Now the fourth technology revolution of the 21st century is gaining traction: live streaming.

Every one of the world’s seven largest companies has taken big stakes in the industry.

Yet it’s the pure-play companies that most investors have never heard of that have seen the biggest growth.

Live streaming surges 45% in 4 months

In early 2020, much of our outside-the-home activities came to a screeching halt.

If 2017 was the dawn of the live streaming era, the spring of 2020 was when it became as essential to our world as smartphones or computers.

Businesses are able to continue operating because of live-streamed meetings and conferences.

Concerts, theater, fashion shows, lectures, zoos, museums, classes, and many other events and attractions have not shut down because of live streaming.

In a June 2020 media trends report, consulting firm Deloitte wrote that “the lockdown live-streaming numbers are out, and they’re huge.”[7]

So many viewers and participants have turned to live streaming that it grew by an incredible 45%.[8]

Analysis from Cisco shows that live-streamed video is growing overall by an incredible 33% per year, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Maybe the fastest growing.

By comparison, market intelligence firm IBISWorld shows the next fastest-growing industry to be 3D printing, growing at 28.8%, followed by hydraulic fracturing services at 27.8%.[9]

Grand View Research further quantifies the growth, forecasting that the total value of the video streaming market will reach $184.27 billion by 2027, with live streaming “the maximum and fastest growth” over that period.[10]

The industry also has a far-reaching economic impact.

Deloitte estimates that in 2018 the revenue generated by services related to live streaming reached a whopping $545 billion.[11]

And it’s not just passive viewership via livestream that’s growing, either.

One of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the industry is social media livestreaming.

For investors looking to play the live streaming boom, our top target holds a unique key to success

The amazing reality of social networks and distance working apps is that because of live streaming, they can now connect people anywhere in the world in real time.

Someone in the US can talk to nearly anyone anywhere in the world.

From your smartphone in Chattanooga, you can connect with someone in Cairo, Caracas, or Chongqing.

The only limitation is language.

You might be able to technically connect with people anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you could communicate with them.

That limitation is an unyielding barrier that effectively prevented communication with the vast majority of the world.

A go-to network for social interaction that transcends language barriers

Users of the platform are able to connect with other users either in their own neighborhood or in more than 200 countries around the world.

The platform’s built-in live translation software allows users to chat with others in any language.

You can say something in English to another user who only speaks Mandarin Chinese, and your message is seamlessly delivered to that person in their own language.

To show how advanced that technology is, consider that Google, one of the world’s most advanced app developers, did not introduce a real-time translation feature until March of this year.[12]

100% organic growth tops 2,000 new users per day after just 3 months!

Organic growth is essential to the success of any social network. This little-known company’s user base is growing entirely organically, by word of mouth and user searches.

With its official live streaming launch just this past April, the network is just getting started and is already adding more than 2,000 members a day.

Revenue is also growing at a fast pace. Revenue for April 2020 increased a whopping 42.8% from March totals, reaching $640,000.

And then in May, revenue soared past the $1 million milestones.

The company expects exponential revenue growth of a whopping 150%, to $2.5 million, by the end of 2020.

That is an annualized growth rate of 300%!

With a currently registered user base of over 5 million, representing 200+ countries and regions, they are fast becoming a social network force.

But this is just the beginning for the rapidly growing company that still trades at a price well below its peers.

But it won’t for long. As more news is generated and word gets out, expect investors to discover this up-and-coming social network. Sign up to receive more information about this innovative young company that is poised to take the lead.

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