Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) Announces Communications Solutions


Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) provides its clients communications offerings that collect data efficiently and economically from company’s sensor networks. By getting networked communications to its clients, it is positioned well to lead in analytics sector, monitoring and reporting for IIoT segments.

The highlights

Carl Data latest solutions make use of wireless, automated communications for data collection at remote/inaccessible sensors, and move it through a network to a common location for monitoring. Many sensor networks and other related assets get the data collected manually, which often leads to time delays and increased operational costs. There are certain limitations due to non-availability of cellular or wifi in certain places.

Latest wireless RF setup helps the transmission of data streams in remote locations, where there is a problem with or non-availability of cellular connections. Carl Data reported that a “wireless mesh” network constitutes sensors that are set in a mesh topology. It is highly reliable due to its features of self-form and self-heal.

In case of inactiveness of one sensor, the other sensors transmit data across the network. It helps the information to reach central location in the targeted time and costs.

Low-power wide-area network paves way for secure and seamless communications for smart devices and sensors. There is no need of focusing efforts, time and money on complex installations. The network is developed in a star-of-stars topology which moves data through standard IP connections. To increase battery life and network scope, the servers manage the transmission rates and RF output for individuals’ sensor.

AB Embedded’s President Attila Bene commented that these networks are useful to get reliable low-power communications. These communications are economical enough for major IIoT deployments. Sensors are connected for industrial uses like monitoring of pipeline or Smart City infrastructures, with swiftness and precision.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Carl Data gained more than 1% to close at CAD$0.330.