Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) Develops New Communication Solution For Remote Sensing Devices


Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) recently announced that it would be offering communication solutions to its clients, allowing them to collect data in an economic and efficient manner, from the company’s network of sensors. The company noted that the move would allow them to be well positioned to become a leader in the analytics sector, as well as the monitoring and reporting segments of the IIOT sector.

CRL revealed that its new solutions make use of wireless RF to help with the transmission of data, through a network of sensors, to a single location for monitoring. The technology allows them to get access to sensors in remote and unreachable locations, where the internet is not available. The company further pointed out that conventional methods of data collection are manual, costly and time consuming, apart from being limited in areas with no internet connectivity. CRL also noted that it has made use of a mesh topology, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, between the inter-connected sensors. Carl Data was of the view that low-power wide-area-networks, make it unnecessary, to develop complex and expensive installations for seamless communications.

The new offering comes shortly after the company incorporated a new data science center, in Poland. CRL is in the process of developing Big-Data-as-a-Service-based solution for IIOT sector. Carl Data noted that the new office provides them with access to a large pool of local tech talent and would also allow them to continue growing. Piotr Stepinski, the CTO of the company, stated that their main goal is to build a solid team of experienced data scientists and software developers, who can leverage machine learning to reach its highest potential. It should be noted here that Poland was recently declared as one of the upcoming tech hubs, in Europe, by Forbes magazine. This is based on the fact that it offers a favorable environment for IOT industries.

Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) did not record a change in its share value, during the May 2 trading session, to close at $0.38 per share.