Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) Enters Advanced Bidding Stage For Smart City Assignments In India


Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) reported that it is presently in the bidding procedure on two distinct infrastructure assignments in Bhopal, one of the preliminary Indian Smart Lighthouse towns. The support of Export Development Canada and Indian trade commissioners, together with the acquisition of AB Embedded Systems Ltd. which also owns a wholly-owned subsidiary firm in India, places company in a strong position to obtain some of the funds sanctioned for Smart City development.

The details

Bhopal is famous as one of the greenest towns in India, due to its numerous natural and artificial lakes. It is one of the preliminary 100 towns across India selected for the Smart City Mission. However, the sewage network coverage is just 12% in some regions, and most of the unprocessed sewage is discharged into ponds, lakes or rivers, which are the prime source of municipal water. There are some plans in place to advance wastewater tracking, and the FlowWorks software supported by Carl’s application is being contemplated because of its competitive pricing and ease of use.

Dealing with solid waste has become an acute concern, particularly since much of it is dumped on the outskirts of city areas. Carl Data has advanced a powerful mechanism for well-organized solid waste removal setups that integrate an adaption of FlowWorks supported by Carl, together with AB Embedded’s telemetry and hardware.

Greg Johnston, the CEO of Carl Data, commented that they are extremely thrilled about the Smart City prospects in Bhopal. Getting involved at the start of such a vast national plan to upgrade infrastructure, will provide them endless prospects to adapt and apply BDaaS for the IIoT.

Kapil Mohorta, who is International Trade Commissioner in Canada, mentioned why company is in an interesting position to get a Smart City Mission deal, AB Embedded was extremely active in the Indian industry and was aggressive and supported timely action on the questions received.