Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) Subsidiary Present Revolutionary Inflow


Carl Data Solutions Inc (CNSX:CRL) updated that FlowWorks Inc. is beta checking its improved Inflow and Infiltration analysis tool with some of its technology partners. Inflow and infiltration is caused when groundwater and storm water move into a sanitary sewer system, due to which it becomes extremely critical to monitor them for effective and efficient administration of city infrastructure. This tool is anticipated to be launched this summer.

Mike McDonald of Carl Data expressed that they are excited to give their clients this I&I analysis tool. The new design is not only visual but also intuitive. The team believe that they own the premium I&I analysis tool among their peers. There are three prime improvements from the prevailing FlowWorks I&I analysis tool. These were designed on basis of consumer feedback, and around a decade of coordinating with environmental and civil engineers.

The buzz

Storm events, arrangements and correlation settings can be kept as a scheme to reuse for site assessment. This saves time as the process doesn’t have to be repeated. This latest feature permits customers to work in batch by choosing a collection of sites to analysis, whereas the preceding version merely allowed one site per assessment.

Carl Data reported that with the new tool, the user can get rid of manually searching information for dry weather patterns. They can just mention some parameters on the basis of which the system will fetch required data. It permits users to build dry weather patterns. They can pick numerous dry days, and the tool will average to come up with the pattern for just a single dry day.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Carl Data declined more than 7% to close the day at $0.295. The decline came at a share volume of 28,000 compared to average share volume of 154.