[market_watch ticker=GNCMA item=name value=”General Communication Inc. Cl A”] ([market_watch ticker=GNCMA item=ticker value=”NASDAQ: GNCMA”]) A Birds Eye View on Fundamental Trends


Before we get into specifics of GNCM, in an exciting series of events aimed at building shareholder value, Pure Hospitality Solution, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PNOW), the creator of Oveedia and the quickly growing Numismatic Specialty Store, Meso Numismatics, announced that the company will award shareholders with a very generous preferred stock dividend.

As per the press release, Wednesday, March 29th, 2017, the Company filed with the Secretary of the State of Nevada, the Company’s Certificate of Designation, finalizing the creation of the new Series BB Preferred Stock, to be issued as a preferred stock dividend to participating shareholders.

“Regardless of how the market reacts to what we are doing here, I know in my heart, that this is a good day for PNOW’s shareholders and the entire microcap community,” stated Melvin Pereira, President and CEO of Pure Hospitality Solutions. “Structuring such a sophisticated series of preferred stock for the benefit of penny stock shareholders is not the norm, but for us, we are an exception.”

“Finding creative ways to protect our shareholders’ interests in such a volatile market place should be part of the longer-term agenda of all microcap companies; whether it be a pink sheet, OTC QB, alternative reporting or fully reporting company. Shareholders rely on management to do what’s right, despite the headwinds against us.”

Now that the Certificate of Designation has been filed with the State of Nevada, management can announce the minimum holding requirements for shareholder participation in the preferred stock dividend. This announcement will be made within the next three business days. To immediately follow, will be the announcement of the ‘X-Dividend Date’ — defining the time frame in which investors must secure their minimum holdings in order to receive the preferred stock dividend.

Pereira concluded, “I just want to remind shareholders that this preferred share dividend will greatly protect their interest and all investors should consider participating. In the meantime, we will continue striving to do everything possible to build a repeatable and scalable business, while intently focusing on instituting those changes that will make a lasting and positive impact on our Company’s shareholders, capital structure, market perception and overall confidence.”

Shares of [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=2 value=”General Communication, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) are currently up by more than [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=60 value=”0.56%”] from the open today and are trading at $[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=65 value=”21.52″]. More than [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=67 value=”111,061″] shares have exchanged hands compared to an average trading volume of [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=63 value=”173.81K”]. At the current pps, the market cap stands at $[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=6 value=”769.99M”]. The stock prices of [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=2 value=”General Communication, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) are currently trading at [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=57 value=”-3.67%”] below its 52 week high and [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=58 value=”75.53%”] above its 52 week low.

[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=2 value=”General Communication, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) has been in the news for all the right reasons. Recently, [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=2 value=”General Communication, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) announced that

[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=2 value=”General Communication, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) is all set to announce its earnings on [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=68 value=”Mar 01/a”]. As per Zack’s analyst ratings, [finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=2 value=”General Communication, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) currently has an average brokerage rating of [quandl_code ticker=GNCMA item=ZAR|RATING_MEAN value=”3″]. On a scale of 1 to 5, a rating of 1 or 2 would indicate a buy, and a rating of 4 or 5 would signify a sell recommendation. A rating of 3 would indicate a hold on the stock. The consensus target price on (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=GNCMA item=1 value=”GNCMA”]) is $[quandl_code ticker=GNCMA item=ZAR|TP_MEAN_EST value=””] with a high of $[quandl_code ticker=GNCMA item=ZAR|TP_HIGH_EST value=””] and a low of $[quandl_code ticker=GNCMA item=ZAR|TP_LOW_EST value=””].

Let’s take a look at the technical analysis.

[intr_chart ticker=GNCMA src=”http://www.financialstrend.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/-GNCMA14.png”]

[intr_bto ticker=GNCMA content=”ICAgIFRoZSBCYXJjaGFydCBUZWNobmljYWwgT3BpbmlvbiByYXRpbmcgaXMgYSA2NCUgQnV5IHdpdGggYSBTdHJlbmd0aGVuaW5nIHNob3J0IHRlcm0gb3V0bG9vayBvbiBtYWludGFpbmluZyB0aGUgY3VycmVudCBkaXJlY3Rpb24uICAgICBMb25nZXIgdGVybSwgdGhlIHRyZW5kIHN0cmVuZ3RoIGlzIEF2ZXJhZ2UuICAgTG9uZyB0ZXJtIGluZGljYXRvcnMgZnVsbHkgc3VwcG9ydCBhIGNvbnRpbnVhdGlvbiBvZiB0aGUgdHJlbmQuICAgICAgIA==”]

The The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is similar to a simple moving average (average price over a set period) but it utilizes a weighting factor that exponentially declines from the most recent data point (recent prices are weighted higher than oid prices). EMA analysis compares the short term (5 days and 13 days), intermediate term (20 days) and long term (50 days) EMA’s. The respective EMA’s will give bullish signals when trading above trailing EMA’s and below the current price and vice versa. EMA alerts include crossovers (i.e the 5 day EMA crosses above/below the 20 day EMA) and EMA convergencies (5 day EMA equivalent to 13 day EMA). [ema_code ticker=GNCMA color=blue value=21.35|19.96].

The relative strength index (RSI) is a momentum osciallator that is able to measure the velocity and magnitude of stock price changes. Momentum is calculated as the ratio of positive price changes to negative price changes. The RSI analysis compares the current RSI against neutral(50), oversold (30) and overbought (70) conditions. Alerts will inform you when stocks recede from oversold/overbought levels or breakthrough neutral (50). [rsi_code ticker=GNCMA color=blue value=60.74]

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