Geron Corporation(NASDAQ:GERN) Holds Promise


Dallas, Texas 03/03/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Geron Corporation(NASDAQ:GERN) most important product on trial is the Imetelstat. It is a treatment developed by GERN, to treat hematologic myeloid malignancies. GERN has been using cutting edge pharma technology to develop clinical stage products.

GeronCorporation(NASDAQ:GERN) has also used biotechnology to develop the efficacy proficient candidate. Telomerase, which is an enzyme, is known to help cancer cells to retain the length of their cells. This has helped cancer cells to replicate and produce more.  This is cellular replication which is unlimited leading to further malignancy of the cells. Imetelstat was developed to control telomerase and in turn control replication of cancer cells. Geron will now develop imetelstat to treat other types of cancer such as hematologic myeloid or myelofibrosis as well as acute myelogenousleukemia.

Imetelstat has been clinically tested on new patients for over 14 months by The Mayo Clinic. However, patients who are already engaged in the therapy will continue to receive further treatment under the program. The Mayo Clinic involvement in the study was to evaluate Imetelstat patients who had myelofibrosis as well as myeloid malignancies. During the process of the trial, nearly 79 patients were found to have enrolled with 20 more dropping out of the program. Following the collation of data, however fundamental in nature, GERN hopes to move into Phase II trails by first half of this year. This candidate is likely to emerge as one of the treatments which show high efficacy given that bone marrow cell cancer are one of the most rampant forms of cancer, especially among children. The global statistics for blood cancer is on the rise and lacks treatment options which are efficient. Geron Corporation(NASDAQ:GERN) is also involved in developing stem cell assets. The company has a market capitalization of $766.33 million and has outstanding shares to the tune of 151.45 million shares.