Glance Technologies Inc (CNSX:GET) Ventures Inti Online Food Delivery Industry


Glance Technologies Inc (CNSX:GET) has been leveraging its consumer base, restaurant associations and technology to venture into the online food delivery industry by associating with Daily Delivery. Online food delivery is a growing market within the vast U.S. restaurant industry. The U.S. food delivery market accounted for restaurant revenue of more than $210 billion in the previous year, of which revenue of $11 billion was recorded through online ordering.

Clearly, this market together with the Canadian online food delivery industry projected at CAD$7 billion dollar, provides company with the support to establish new revenue verticals and improve customer retention with an exclusive singular payment platform.

The management view

Penny Green, the COO and President of Glance, reported that they have an extensive and rapidly growing base of consumers and restaurants combined with the best rewards technology and mobile payment in the industry. Adding delivery is a usual extension of their product and offers more value to their customers.

Daily Delivery handles driver logistics and manages drivers for some of the leading online food delivery setups in the world. This scope of company makes them a perfect complement to Glance technology. It is thrilling time in the delivery market with considerable acquisitions occurring recently.

By closing a strategic deal with Daily Delivery, Glance is offering users an easy way to compensate for distribution from participating its restaurants directly within the popular app. The company is thrilled to bring its customers more sources to get a meal from their favorite restaurants.

Earlier to this update, Glance reported that it has finalized 10 new restaurants in the last week in numerous provinces and now has presence across prime cities in Canada including Vancouver and Toronto. In the previous month Glance Pay was made live in different locations. Its drive into the quick-serve space has started with the introduction of Willow Café in Vancouver. Glance Pay expects to offer several small and medium size sites a competitive edge by permitting them to provide the latest digital experience to their consumers.