Hooper Holmes, Inc (NYSEMKT:HH)’s Latest Stock Updates


Dallas, Texas 03/27/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Hooper Holmes, Inc (NYSEMKT:HH) announced its fiscal results for the year that ended Dec 31, 2013.On 30 Sep 2013, Hooper Holmes, Inc (NYSEMKT:HH) closed on sale of the company’s Portamedic service line. Resultantly the fiscal results related to the Portamedic service-line are reported to be discontinued operations. Consolidated revenues from its continuing operations totaled $15.0M for the Q4 quarter 2013, representing a 1% drop in comparison to $15.2M in the Q4 of 2012. Hooper Holmes, Inc (NYSEMKT:HH) recorded a net-loss of $2.0 million/ $(0.03) per share, for the Q4 of 2013 in comparison to a net-loss of $6.7M, or $ 0.10 per share, for the Q4 of 2012.

The net-loss for the Q4 of 2013 included the loss from its discontinued operations of $0.5M . The net-loss for the Q4 of 2012 included the loss of $5.7 million from its discontinued- operations. For the year that ended Dec 31, 2013, the consolidated revenues from its continuing operations were $49.2M, a drop of around 3.5% in comparison to $51.0 million for the full-year 2012. Hooper Holmes, Inc (NYSEMKT:HH)’s net-loss for the year that ended Dec 31, 2013 was totaled $11.3 million/ $ 0.16 per share, in comparison to the net loss of $17.6 million/ $ 0.25 per share, in the year that ended Dec 31, 2012.

Results in the year that ended Dec 31, 2013 included the $0.8M of restructuring-charges that were related to the continuing operations, $3.4M gain on sale of the Portamedic, and the loss from its discontinued operations of $4.5M. The net-loss for the year that ended Dec31, 2012 included the $0.6M of restructuring charges from the continuing operations and the loss of $10.5M from the discontinued operations. As of Dec 31, 2013, the cash & cash equivalents totaled to $4.0 million, with no borrowings outstanding under its credit facility.