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New Opportunity: JNC Resources (OTC: JNCCF, CSE: JNC)

Let us introduce you to a market that is far and away the best performing major asset class on planet earth this year, and over the past 12 months, outpacing stocks, bonds, oil, and every major currency – The red-hot GOLD market!

In order to understand the new Gold Renaissance which is setting new highs – one has to look no further than the uncertainty and volatility across the entire spectrum of markets, financial and otherwise. So far in 2020, the world’s strongest economies have been crippled, forcing policymakers and central bankers to increase fiscal stimulus packages to stabilize a very nervous global economy to the tune of TRILLIONS OF US DOLLARS![1]

Even before this unforeseen pandemic caused havoc to the world economy, the current economic situation could not have come at a worse time as the monetary debt per capita around the world is setting record highs.  This has led to many global leaders to revisit the possibility of a “gold-backed” currency to combat the possibility of the devaluation of their currency.

The interest in gold has been around for several years, but the real momentum began in the first quarter of 2019, breaking above the key multi-year range resistance of $1,350. It doesn’t seem that the price is gold is going to slow down, piquing the interest of global investors.

Bank of America/ML analysts has stated that gold has closed out June 2020 with its highest historical inflow of investment. These investment inflows are indicative of the positive acceptance of gold, as a tool to combat the global devaluation of fiat currency, especially in the face of today’s monumental economic struggles and increased debt levels.

“Some analysts think gold has plenty of room to run. Goldman Sachs raised its 12-month price target for the popular hedge on July 28 to $2,300 per ounce, expecting gold to reach a record high amid lasting virus damage. With interest rates set to remain close to zero for years to come and the US dollar facing significant pressure, the metal’s rally shows no signs of stopping, the bank’s analysts said.”[2]

Historically, junior miners tend to be an explosive way to capitalize on the potential upside of a bull gold market.  JNC is an exciting junior explorer that is fully permitted with a strong foothold in precious metal-laden Nevada. During these uncertain times with the spotlight on gold, it will continue to attract the attention of deep-pocketed global investors as history has proven. This will benefit JNC who is well-positioned in mining-friendly and geopolitically-safe Nevada.

Who is JNC Resources

JNC Resources Inc. (OTCMKTS: JNCCF) (CSE: JNC) is a North American based mining exploration company. The company’s vision is to develop under-explored properties and benefit from deal flow generated by its strategic partnership and growth opportunities.

JNC recently acquired 100% controlling interest in the Imperial Property in mining-friendly Nevada. The Imperial Property is located in Esmeralda County, which is a historically prolific mining area in the state. Nevada has always been a hot spot for gold and other precious metals, as the region has been “proven” with some historically great results.

To help develop this opportunity and capitalize on the most remarkable Bull Market in the Gold sector, the company boasts a first-rate management team that has accumulated decades of expertise in the mining space, including:

President & CEO, Michael Mulberry, who has been a Geo-Tech contractor with GeoMinEx Consultants, a private geological consulting firm, since February 2009. Mr. Mulberry has been associated with the mineral exploration and public investment community since the 1990s. Mr. Mulberry has been a director and/or officer of a number of publicly listed companies including Secova Metals Corp., Westkam Gold Corp. (formerly, Encore Renaissance Resources Corp.) and World Organics Inc. and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Zanzibar Gold Corp. and the CEO of American Battery Metals Corp. Mr. Mulberry holds a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Western Ontario.

Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Younie, who has been Manager, Corporate Finance and Accounting of New Dawn Holdings Ltd. since July 2006, an investment and financial consulting firm providing administration and financial advisory services to private and public companies. Mr. Younie has been the Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation since April 1, 2019. Mr. Younie is a Director of Kelly Ventures Ltd., the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer of Condor Resources Ltd., and Chief Financial Officer of Earl Resources Limited and Tyner Resources Ltd. He is also Chief Financial Officer of Gstaad Capital Corp. He was Chief Financial Officer of Axion Ventures Inc. (formerly Capstream Ventures Inc.).

Imperial Property

The Imperial Property is a prolific vein and sediment-hosted gold project comprised of 35 mining claims covering a total of 660 acres 18 miles northeast of Goldfield, Nevada in the Silver Peak District within the Walker Lane.

The area is a globally known and sought after as a world-class mining zone. In fact, Silver Peak is the second largest gold producing area in Esmeralda County after Goldfield.

Management is ready to proceed with drilling, as the property is fully permitted and bonded for the next phase of exploration.

The current area in Imperial encompasses Cambrian age limestone, siltstone, shale and quartzite with lesser Tertiary age volcanic and intrusive dikes. The general dip of bedding is shallow to the Southeast, with the structures dipping steeply to the South. One unit in particular, which hosts the high-grade gold that was previously mined, seems to be most favorable for mineralization.

Gold and silver mineralization within the project area comes in two forms:

  1. The mineralization within the high-grade veins, along with en echelon structures, is within iron oxide rich quartz carbonate veins. Company documentation suggests these veins are up to 20’ in width and were mined in the 1930s. An underground sampling of remaining wall rock and pillars contain from 4.25 g/ton to 221 g/ton gold.
  2. Peripheral to this high-grade alteration, decalcified rocks host lower grade Carlin Style mineralization. Initial metallurgy on the low-grade mineralization shows good gold/silver recovery. All gold and silver mineralization discovered within the project area to date is oxidized

Modern exploration at Imperial began in the 1980’s.

Felmont Oil drilled 17 RC holes on the property in 1983-84, of which 5 intercepted significant thicknesses of +0.85 grams per ton gold in oxidized rocks. The best hole drilled is located in the eastern portion of the Imperial Fault target and contained a 100 feet long intercept of 1.02 g/ton gold, including 20 feet averaging 1.76 grams per ton. Air track drilling carried out in 1987 by Nevada Star defined a small resource of +1.42 gram per ton gold and confirmed the presence of gently dipping Carlin-style mineralization.

American Goldfield drilled in 2005 and 2006. The company had two good intercepts of the Imperial Fault veins including 10 feet of 14.14 gram/ton Au and several intercepts in the Resource Target, the best being 20 feet at 2.24 gram/ton Au.

In 2012 several RC holes were drilled throughout the property and discovered thick Carlin style mineralization at two drill sites roughly 400 feet apart. The three holes drilled at the two sites contain 90-145 feet thick intervals of +0.28 gram/ton Au. No follow-up has been done of this drilling.

The Path Ahead. The project presents three major targets for exploration.

  1. The first target, along the Imperial Fault, is high-grade veins and lower grade decalcified rock in the area of previous mining.
  2. The second target is an IP anomaly which has no previous drilling.
  3. Finally, the southern target is a zone where the favorable host rock has dipped under other units, but jasperoids at surface show fluids have flowed through the favorable host at depth. There is potential for both high-grade veins and Carlin-style mineralization in this area, which has also never been drilled.

Also of interest are the high copper values found in the eastern portion of the project area, where some porphyry copper exploration was done in the 1960’s. The potential of a Copper co-product at Imperial is of high-interest.


Recent Catalysts

The important catalysts involved in this story are really about the listing in Canada under the ticker “JNC” on the Canadian Stock Exchange, the acquisition of the Imperial Property rights, and the move to access the US markets with a listing on the OTC, under the ticker “JNCCF”.

The company most recently announced that it has received approval from the Depository Trust Company to make its common shares eligible for settlement in the US under the ticker “JNCCF” on the OTC which will allow greater access to the US and Global investors.

According to the release, JNC Resources is now eligible for electronic clearing and settlement through DTC’s automated processes. DTC is a stock depository that facilitates and manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly-traded companies in the United States. This electronic method of clearing securities speeds up the receipt of stock and cash, and thus accelerates the settlement process for investors and brokers while cutting costs and providing access to a wider network of brokerage firms, enabling the stock to be traded over a wider selection of firms by coming into compliance with their requirements.

“Obtaining DTC eligibility continues to demonstrate JNC’s’ commitment to increasing visibility and accessibility for all of our current and potential shareholders in the United States,” stated CEO, Michael Mulberry. “We anticipate that DTC’s platform will enhance liquidity and increase trading volume for JNC appealing to a broader range of investors in the United States.”

The Imperial Property

The engine behind many successful companies is the management – the management of Imperial is no exception.  Mike Mulberry has enlisted the exploration expertise of Mr. Richard Kern, M.Sc, P.Geo. to head up our exploration in the US.  Mr. Kern who prior to forming Great Basin Resources Inc., co-founded MinQuest Inc. in 1998 and managed significant gold discoveries at Fire Creek and Longstreet, Nevada and at Moss, Arizona. Mr. Kern held positions with several major mining companies before starting his own company. He is a Professional Geologist with over 35 years’ experience in base and precious metal exploration in the U.S., Central America, South America, and Australia. Mr. Kern has had field, executive, and management level positions in companies such as North Mining, Homestake Mining Company, and Superior Oil. He has been involved in major mineral discoveries in the Western United States and Australia.

The news that the company acquired 100% control and interest in the Imperial Property in Nevada is clearly the biggest factor in valuing the stock. As described in detail above, the Imperial Property is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, which has been a historically successful mining area within the state.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to begin operations in Nevada, as the Imperial Property has drill permits in place,” stated CEO Mr. Michael Mulberry. “Geophysical surveys are needed to determine the potential for this type of target; however with the history of gold deposits at these properties, we are confident about the success of our drilling program. We are cognizant of the money we need to spend in this particular gold rush and that is why we believe that the potential with this Imperial Property makes sense for our organization. With Richards’s experience and knowledge, we believe this is a perfect fit for our company. We look forward to the possibilities and potential this brings to maximize shareholder value.”

Technical Analysis

Although there is limited trading history on JNCCF/JNC JNCCF/JNC, one thing that has been evident is the belief and holding power of the company’s shareholders, which has resulted in a very tight share structure.

The JNCCF/JNC chart is interesting as well. The stock recently began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).  With the completion of milestones, such as the controlling-interest of the Imperial Property, and further news listing onto the US OTC market, the company has expanded its audience, which has evidently led to an appreciation in its share price.

With the disarray of the global economy, the Feds unlimited printing of currency, investors will seek out alternatives for a safe haven, and there has been no better asset than gold.  The smart money is shifting to the gold market, shouldn’t you?

About “OTC: JNCCF” / “CSE: JNC”

JNC Resources Inc. (OTC: “JNCCF” CSE: “JNC” ) is a North American based mining exploration company. The company’s goal is to develop under-explored properties and benefit from deal flow generated by its strategic partnership and growth opportunities.

As noted above, the company has acquired rights to an exciting claim in Nevada. The company is overseen by CEO Michael Mulberry, who has been a Geo-Tech contractor with GeoMinEx Consultants, a private geological consulting firm, since February 2009. Mr. Mulberry has been associated with the mineral exploration and public investment community since the 1990’s.

Mr. Mulberry has been a director and/or officer of a number of publicly listed companies including Secova Metals Corp., Westkam Gold Corp. (formerly, Encore Renaissance Resources Corp.) and World Organics Inc. and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Zanzibar Gold Corp. and former CEO of American Battery Metals Corp. Mr. Mulberry holds a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Western Ontario.

Key Points:

  • JNCCF/JNC Took over full rights to the impressive opportunity in Nevada known as the Imperial Property.
  • JNCCF/JNC Fully permitted.
  • JNCCF/JNC Ready for drilling.
  • JNCCF/JNC Demonstrated by its share price has a supportive shareholder base that has a vision for long term success. Combined with a solid gold project suggests the stock could launch higher on any additional influx of interest.
  • JNCCF/JNC Gold is lighting up the leader boards, and junior miners like this historically offer the most eye-popping returns in bullish gold markets with real staying power and substance, as we are currently witnessing.
  • JNCCF/JNC Imperial Property is located in the USA – one of the hottest and friendliest jurisdictions for mining in the World
  • JNCCF/JNC Property access is easily accessible which allows for easy exploration and development.


Gold is the unequivocal leader, outpacing the majority of Global Indice’s so far this year and with the current global environment should continue to outpace all other sectors.

The bullish gold market is being fueled by forces that will likely maintain longevity, continue to define the near future and establish the landscape for quite some time to come. All these bullish factors have forced premium attention to undervalued junior mining companies that have incidentally lined up catalysts deserving of interest they are getting…

JNCCF/JNC fits this description in so many of the right ways: recently getting listed on the CSE; acquiring rights to a major claim in one of the hottest mining jurisdictions on the planet, and pushing its way into the US capital markets.

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