MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) Launches New Titration Pack For Diabetic Patients

MannKind Corporation

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) recently launched new Titration Pack for diabetic patients, which includes 60 — 4 unit cartridges, 60 — 8 unit cartridges and 60 — 12 unit cartridges of Afrezza or insulin (in the form of Inhalation Powder). The company specializes in producing treatments that are largely meant for the diabetic patients.

The purpose of newly prescribed Afrezza is to enable diabetic patients, manage their disease better. Afrezza allows the patients in managing dose flexibility and also enable the physicians in simplifying prescription. Moreover, the company states that the new treatment option reduces the cost of multiple copays as well.

New dose treatment for better diabetes management

This new package has already entered the company’s supply chain. Titration box, as stated by the Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Castagna, “along with our new sample program will enable higher dose mealtime insulin patients to dose Afrezza appropriately and manage their disease in as few inhalations as possible.”

MannKind Corporation’s new product is quite similar to its Titration Pack with 90 — 4 unit and 90 — 8 unit cartridges, which the company had launched earlier in July 2016. This pack now composes of about 25% of the Afrezza units dispensed on a weekly basis.

Company moving towards transition phase

Meanwhile, MannKind Corporation is also making a shift from being a contract sales organization to a fully staffed team of its employees. The company is hoping to provide a full-fledged training to this expanded team by the end of this month, February 2017. With this, company’s sales force will reach around 75% of Rapid Acting Insulin Market.

Also, MannKind Corporation hopes to make modifications to the existing diabetes nurse educator model. Instead of the smaller teams, the company will now have larger nurse teams that will work on per diem basis.

Company CEO, Matthew Pfeffer said that the new package will allow the company in making stronger impact over Afrezza marketing. Also, he believes that the cost structure would remain the same. He stated, “Our Commercial organization has several direct-to-consumer and digital media initiatives deploying in the next few months that will further expand our promotional efforts.”