Neuralstem, Inc. (NYSEMKT:CUR)’s Latest Updates


Dallas, Texas 03/31/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Rockville US-based Neuralstem, Inc. (NYSEMKT:CUR) is a development stage company for treatments to fight diseases which affect the Central Nervous System in humans. The scientific-principle which CUR has adopted is based on replacement of human neural stem cells with the use of molecular drugs.

In the last week of March, Neuralstem, Inc.(NYSEMKT:CUR) was found to have traded at 18 % higher, than average prices, due to the positive results of the NSI-566 stem cells trials. NSI-566 stem cells studies In a press release, Neuralstem, Inc.(NYSEMKT:CUR) announced that, rats “experienced functional improvement,” and that the “grafts both survived and differentiated into neurons.” The announcement also indicated that the quantity of the dosage was critical to treatment.

May or may not translate to Block-buster drug However these results though conclusive given the small structure of the trials cannot be translated into definite drugs for administration on humans. It has been demonstrated earlier as well, that small scale trials which have been successful, have not necessarily translated into success in terms of efficacy, safety, or compliance with regulatory body’s requirements. This uncertainty doubles in the case of stem- cell research. It is doubtful, the leverage Neuralstem, Inc.(NYSEMKT:CUR) can gain from these results and the exact translation of the success of the study into a block-buster drug for cure of Central Nervous System disorders.

Massive patent and applications assets Neuralstem, Inc.(NYSEMKT:CUR) holds additional advantage give the patent portfolio as well as patent application back-up it currently holds. The company has been popular for the technology as well as the intellectual properties for developing higher levels of research in the areas of stem-cell research. Neural Stem has already been empaneled as primary sub-contractor Department of Defense in the development of a neural stem cell technology to treat brain tumor. Neuralstem, Inc.(NYSEMKT:CUR) currently holds a market capital of $334.53 million and trades at an average price of $3.88 per share.